BenRiach, Brand Innovation

BenRiach is a distillery set in the heart of Speyside. They’ve been producing premium quality single malt Scotch whisky since 1898. They were looking to transform their range to give the brand a much stronger appeal domestically and internationally. They were also looking for a stronger presence in specialist liquor stores, whisky bars and also within the lucrative airport duty-free market.

THE LOFT’s decision to radically re-design each expression, giving it a more contemporary feel helped to give BenRiach a much more premium edge to what they were doing and ultimately transform the entire perception of the brand in the minds of customers. We pushed the limits of what was possible creatively with each packaging design – this included with colours, inks, paper and printing techniques. THE LOFT worked closely with BenRiach for over 5 years, in that time, a full range of new expressions were produced whilst additional marketing support was provided to the organisation throughout.

“The BenRiach 10 years old is a key new launch for us as it marks a significant milestone – it is the first core range expression to be created predominantly from whiskies distilled at BenRiach since we took over in 2004. For this reason, we were looking for a striking new packaging design to reflect this important moment in the distillery’s history. We are delighted with the final result.”

Nicol Van Rijbroek, Marketing Manager of BenRiach Distillery

“For the BenRiach Cask Strength, the organisation was looking for something that was bold, imaginative and would take the brand and the range to the next level. We are delighted with the final outcome as well as the service provided by the loft.”

Louise Seaward, Global Innovation Manager, Brown Forman

Services Used
Marketing Support, Packaging Design & Graphic Design.


Petroleum Experts, Crafting Clarity

Petroleum Experts are an engineering-software company that helps organisations from around the world maximise oil and gas production. Their solutions, expertise and overall philosophy have been widely hailed as sector-transforming throughout the industry.

Their ‘Digital Oil Field’ solution had been incredibly well-received by engineers, who understood the intricacies of the software, but PETEX wanted to better communicate its value to a wider group of people – mainly but not exclusively – to the many different people involved in the buying process.

We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with PETEX, and over the best part of a year, worked to help the company achieve its goals. Together we…

Reframed What the Software Does For Each of the Individual Stakeholders 
Achieved by re-writing the basic product proposition/s.



Produced a Stunning Visual
One that intelligently captures what the software does in a way that can be universally understood by all.


Created Multiple Versions
For both desert and off-shore customers.


Repurposed the Visual
For a range of digital and print communication channels.


Went One Step Further
Generated ideas on how the visual could be taken forward and be even more effective for Petroleum Experts in communicating with their customers, suppliers and staff.


Considered the Wider Company Philosophy
Generated wider ideas for PETEX to showcase how they could communicate their company’s overall oil-field philosophy.

Better Customer Understanding of the software and how it adds value. (Particularly with Oil & Gas Executives around the world.)
Quicker Decision Making
from all involved in the buying process.
Greater Internal Understanding of the software.
(Particularly with new employees of the company.)
Improved Perceived Value
in the marketplace.
Stronger Overall Presentation 
of the brand.
Outstanding Return on Investment.

“The team at the loft created an image that visually captured the remit we set — our business, our industry sector and a technology message — in a visually attractive way. Their team spent quality time with us to understand the spirit of what we wanted to be captured and then, through several iterations, came up with the final images which we are very satisfied with. These images are used in publications, product brochures and on our website”

James Woodrow, Petroleum Experts Limited

Marketing Audit/Strategy, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Design For Print, Advertising and Copywriting.

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Wave, ‘On-Brand’ Pitch Winners

Wave are an experiential marketing & sales agency, they regularly pitch to some of the biggest brand names in the world and were looking to make a stronger and more professional pitch with their decks. THE LOFT’s creation of a handful of carefully branded slides in each deck helped transform the client’s perception of WAVE, their credibility, the additional value they could bring to the process and their team’s capabilities. This work alongside other carefully executed design work by THE LOFT helped WAVE get various proposals over the line, add perceived value to their own processes while generating a real wow-factor in the process. The extra effort taken also showed a real respect to the brands they were presenting too.

“We’ve worked with THE LOFT for a number of years now and in that time they’ve helped us win several pieces of new business with some of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the world. They always gets it straight away, have a great sensitivity to brands and can mould powerpoint pitch decks in ways we’ve never seen before. Finally, we are always working towards incredibly tight deadlines at Wave and our overnight shifts complete with last-minute amends have become legendary. An integral part of our pitch team.”

Linda Gallagher, Managing Director at Wave Agency


Beeks FX VPS, Storytelling Identity

Beeks FX VPS manage Virtual Private Servers for automated trading. The company is one of the global leaders, serving brokers who operate in the London Stock Exchange. The organisation was acquiring a New York provider to expand their coverage and their management team wanted a more professional brand presentation. One that would more accurately depict what the company does in the marketplace.

The creation of an identity which incorporated several of the organisation’s key messages gave the company’s management team a tremendous opportunity to continuously share its competitive advantages. In addition to identity, THE LOFT carried out an entire company re-brand, digital refresh and production of various marketing materials.

“The loft were instrumental in our re-branding exercise at Beeks FX, as we continue to grow our international business, they went above and beyond when working to a tight deadline. Our team enjoyed working with them, and it was a fun experience; however, threats of free Prosecco have yet to materialise!”

Gordon McArthur, CEO of Beeks FX VPS


Altia-ABM, A More Harmonious Merger

Long-term client and software company Altia Solutions was merging with Nottingham-based covert system provider ABM Intelligence. They wanted to create a more seamless integration of both companies, their cultures and most importantly the people involved. They also wanted to create a framework which could be used by both brands going forward.

THE LOFT’s delivery of Individual/Group Vision, Mission & Value exercises for Altia Solutions and ABM Intelligence played a significant role in creating a more harmonious merger of both organisations. The exercises, with all members of both teams being interviewed, had a tremendous impact on morale while various ideas/lessons were taken forward and eventually formed company policy. The project was also tremendously helpful in strengthening the various brand positions of both organisations with various extracts from the exercises being used as part of a several successful tender submissions including to a foreign government.

“The loft helped us to create a new brand after our merger in 2016. They went to great lengths to talk to everybody in the company, they were always responsive to changes and both the identity and cultural aspects of the new brand have been a great help to us in re-positioning the organisation and getting our messages across. We very much enjoyed working with them, highly recommended.”

Paul Hardman, Group Client Manager for Altia-ABM


“THE LOFT was an integral part of the Altia story, we worked together for many years and they were instrumental in creating our global brand. They contributed to countless projects, worked across the entire organisation and provided real support throughout our business journey as a growing company.

They were a tremendous help, particularly in the earlier years, when our company’s growth was at its most rapid and things were changing every day. They supported then, as they always have done, by contributing to the company’s strategies with great energy, insight and creativity. Always grounded in the commercial realities of what we were doing and always with the bigger picture in mind.

Good fun too, highly recommended.”

Ian Watson, CEO of Altia-ABM


Young Enterprise Scotland, Memorable Strategic Plan

Young Enterprise Scotland is a charitable organisation that inspires young people to learn and succeed through enterprise. We were asked to bring their ‘three-year strategic plan’ to life, to create something completely different to the standard corporate plan, something that could appeal to all of the different stakeholders of the organisation.

THE LOFT’s decision to create a pack of post-cards featuring each of the different stakeholders positively affected by the new Strategic Plan was a real hit with all involved. The revised format helped Young Enterprise Scotland get buy-in for many of the initiatives they were proposing plus the creative process itself was enjoyed by all.

“When you approach an agency with a wish, you never know where you will land with the ideas generated and ultimately the effectiveness of the suggested proposal for your organisation. Working with the loft I had no fear and no doubt about the innovation, the communication, the deadlines being met and most important having something that worked for us and our audience.

At the end of the day it is what the public perception is of what the loft created THAT IS IMPORTANT – in a nutshell they love our Strategic Plan in a set of playing cards and we cannot thank them enough for having their ideas and following them through to production – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Geoff Leask, CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland


SOCEX, Bringing Together Law-Enforcement

Long-term client, and investigation software provider, Altia Solutions, were looking to build their brand nationally. They decided to bring together of many of the most influential voices in law-enforcement, including several UK Home Secretaries and Secretaries of Justice, into a conference setting with their role as facilitator. Over several years, SOCEX (The Serious & Organised Crime Exchange) helped burn Altia into the mind of every key decision maker locally, regionally and nationally.

THE LOFT played an instrumental part in SOCEX’s creation and was the key creative partner over the first 4 years of the conference – overseeing the creation of the brand, the design of all conference communications and supporting of various sponsorship campaigns. THE LOFT also provided additional marketing communications for ALTIA throughout conference events including with the creation of the memorable ‘Altia Times’ bespoke newspaper for law-enforcement delegates.

“When Altia decided to develop and be the lead sponsor of the ‘SOCEX’ conference and the 10th annual ‘Keith Hughes Awards,’ the loft worked closely with us, and the event management company, to produce the unique branding for each of the events.They delivered excellent work within tight deadlines and the results were commented on very favourably by many of the attendees. The branding is being used for the this year’s events and I have no hesitation in recommending the loft to others.”

Ian Watson, Managing Director of Altia Solutions, Chief Sponsors and Founding Partners of SOCEX


“SOCEX, Serious and Organised Crime Exchange. As a concept, the Conference title can spring up many images — whether coming from the dark world of blockbuster thrillers or gritty police dramas on TV. The loft managed to capture the seriousness of the subject matter being discussed across the two day conference while providing a document which will have a life long after the conference itself, capturing the core elements of the event in such a way that attendees and their colleagues will return to it as a vivid reminder of what took place.”

Martin Jack, Managing Director of Think Different Events and Co-Founder of SOCEX



Bridge2Business, Winning Over Different People

Bridge2Business is programme introduced by Young Enterprise Scotland. They were looking to launch a new brand that would capture the spirit of entrepreneurship and appeal to a number of different stakeholders – the students, the decision-makers of the colleges as well as representatives from Local and Central Government.

We decided to create an evocative and memorable brand story based on star constellations, Nashira and the old maritime tale that ‘in times of trouble, the stars will guide you home.’ This was instrumental in winning over each of the different people involved with the new organisation. It also created a great source of inspiration for further communications, inspiring the identity design and all subsequent communications including the memorable launch in the Planetarium of The Glasgow Science Centre where CEO, Geoff Leask, told an audience (looking up at a room full of stars) about Nashira and the brand story we had created together.

“The team at the loft have been an inspiring, creative and friendly team to work with. Listening to our needs and having a real understanding of our audience ensured that their communications solution is absolutely spot on – highly recommended.”

Geoff Leask, CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland


Percepta, Value-Add Composite Services

Percepta is a US-based customer experience company operating worldwide, they work mainly in the automotive sector providing a whole host of customer-centric services. As part of a range of marketing activities being carried out by THE LOFT, Percepta were looking for new ways to showcase the additional value of their service offerings and, in particular, their more bespoke and integrated service offerings.

THE LOFT and Percepta’s decision to create new ‘composite services’ had a transformative effect on the success of Percepta’s website update, digital refresh and wider marketing. The composite services beautifully suggested the value-add that Percepta could bring to their clients while allowing the organisation to upsell various services. The updated composite services and revised service listings were re-used throughout the business.

“We worked very closely with THE LOFT for many years and they brought so much value to our global organisation in many different ways. Everything from overhauling our digital presence to supporting what we do with large automotive OEMs, even working very closely with myself to re-think how we present our own company’s position, philosophy and expertise. They’re always brimming with energy, ideas and a service-oriented approach to what they’re doing. We became so close, at one point, they even moved in. Very enjoyable to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Alan Meldrum, Percepta Global Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Client Services


Percepta, Client Service Reminders

Percepta is a US-based customer experience company operating worldwide, they work mainly in the automotive sector providing a whole host of customer-centric services. They were incredibly proud of an incredible track record of success but felt that too many of their existing clients knew too little about the additional things they could do to help.

THE LOFT’s decision to create a comprehensive digital case-study library was instrumental in increasing sales for Percepta, providing a rich track-record of experience and expertise to new clients but even more crucially making existing clients aware of additional services Percepta could provide. The well-written and excellently presented collection of case-studies, which were well categorised and easy to find, had a transformative effect on Percepta’s overall digital presence.

“We worked very closely with THE LOFT for many years and they brought so much value to our global organisation in many different ways. Everything from overhauling our digital presence to supporting what we do with large automotive OEMs, even working very closely with myself to re-think how we present our own company’s position, philosophy and expertise. They’re always brimming with energy, ideas and a service-oriented approach to what they’re doing. We became so close, at one point, they even moved in. Very enjoyable to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Alan Meldrum, Percepta Global Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Client Services