Petroleum Experts, Crafting Clarity

Petroleum Experts are an engineering-software company that helps organisations from around the world maximise oil and gas production. Their solutions, expertise and overall philosophy have been widely hailed as sector-transforming throughout the industry.

Their ‘Digital Oil Field’ solution had been incredibly well-received by engineers, who understood the intricacies of the software, but PETEX wanted to better communicate its value to a wider group of people – mainly but not exclusively – to the many different people involved in the buying process.

We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with PETEX, and over the best part of a year, worked to help the company achieve its goals. Together we…

Reframed What the Software Does For Each of the Individual Stakeholders 
Achieved by re-writing the basic product proposition/s.



Produced a Stunning Visual
One that intelligently captures what the software does in a way that can be universally understood by all.


Created Multiple Versions
For both desert and off-shore customers.


Repurposed the Visual
For a range of digital and print communication channels.


Went One Step Further
Generated ideas on how the visual could be taken forward and be even more effective for Petroleum Experts in communicating with their customers, suppliers and staff.


Considered the Wider Company Philosophy
Generated wider ideas for PETEX to showcase how they could communicate their company’s overall oil-field philosophy.

Better Customer Understanding of the software and how it adds value. (Particularly with Oil & Gas Executives around the world.)
Quicker Decision Making
from all involved in the buying process.
Greater Internal Understanding of the software.
(Particularly with new employees of the company.)
Improved Perceived Value
in the marketplace.
Stronger Overall Presentation 
of the brand.
Outstanding Return on Investment.

“The team at the loft created an image that visually captured the remit we set — our business, our industry sector and a technology message — in a visually attractive way. Their team spent quality time with us to understand the spirit of what we wanted to be captured and then, through several iterations, came up with the final images which we are very satisfied with. These images are used in publications, product brochures and on our website”

James Woodrow, Petroleum Experts Limited

Marketing Audit/Strategy, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Design For Print, Advertising and Copywriting.

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Drink Baotic, Engineering Wow-Factor

Drink Baotic is an African-inspired, prebiotic drink based on the Baobab super-fruit. It comes in four unique flavours, has a tremendously distinctive taste and is packed with lots of great health benefits.

A company with a real social conscious too, they support the local farming communities in The Gambia as part of their business model. As a scale-up, they were looking to raise investment and get their drinks onto the shelves of more traditional retailers such as supermarkets and various health stores.

We were asked to help create a much stronger ‘wow-factor’ around their brand.

We were delighted to be given this opportunity and worked closely with Drink Baotic, and their partners, over several years to carry out a number of projects. Together we…


Drink Baotic Evocative Packaging Hero Image

Created a Range of Highly Distinctive and Truly Beautiful Product Packaging Solutions
Designs that would command the attention of any would-be shopper in the supermarkets and specialist health stores where the product would be sold.


Produced a Stunning Series of Brand Graphics
Including the ‘Baotic Scribble Pattern’ based on ancient hieroglyphics.


Produced Multiple Intelligent Design Solutions
With so much important information creatively and carefully placed on each packaging design.


Provided a Wide Range of Concepts that Could Be Used for Future Iterations
A concept example from earlier in the process.


Further Examples 
Other concepts explored during the initial creative phases of the project.


Produced a Highly Evocative and Meaningful Brand Identity
With the t and i of Baotic being designed to represent a mother touching her young son’s head.


Produced a Wide Range of Complimentary Materials for the Brand
These included packaging designs for future variations, new packaging shells and social media campaigns.


Introduced a Real Personal Touch to the Drink Baotic Brand Story
Expertly communicated by Company Founders Paul and Isatou.


Richard Reed and Sir Richard Branson of Innocent Smoothies and Virgin fame, respectively, are clearly both fans.

Real ‘On-The-Shelf’ Impact for each of the 4 flavours.
A More Universally Loved
and highly popular brand.
Improved Social Media Communications
across all channels.
More Leverage with Retailers & Investors
as a result of the work produced above.
Outstanding Return on Investment.

Services Used
Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Design For Print, Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Brand Identity Design, Motion & Campaign Support.

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Scottish Leather Group, Transformative Storytelling

Scottish Leather Group are one of Europe’s leading leather producers. A company with an outstanding international reputation, they’ve placed ’sustainability’ at the heart of their industrial policies/practices for the best part of two decades and achieved some spectacular results. They were looking for a creative partner to help transform the way they told their story to many of their stakeholders – existing and prospective customers, managers, staff, suppliers, shareholders and even other members of the leadership team.

THE LOFT worked closely with Scottish Leather Group’s marketing and leadership teams for over three years.

Together we…


Transformed a ‘Simple Reporting Document for Shareholders’ into a Multi-Pronged Series of Campaigns with a Variety of Communications
These came in the form of social media campaigns, videos, print advertisements, sales decks and so much more.


Introduced More Effective Ways to Communicate Information 
These included a wide range of beautiful storytelling infographics, art-directed photography and innovative uses of mixed media.


Went Beyond Facts & Figures
Introducing more personal stories of some of the outstanding people working in the organisation.


Did More With Digital
Creating online versions of the Annual Sustainability Report for the three years we worked together.


Walked The Talk
By producing a more lightweight and sustainable ‘Sustainability Report’ over those three years.


Considered The Future
Creating a 5-Year Action Plan for the Future of ‘The Sustainability Report’ itself.


Brought Sustainability Themes into Other Campaigns for SLG Brands
Achieved by extensively re-purposing content for…
1) Alternative SLG communciations.
2) For sister brands ‘Muirhead’ and ‘Bridge of Weir.’


Maximised Project Budgets Throughout
Achieved by extensively re-purposing new content throughout. whether for alternative SLG communications or for SLG sister brands Muirhead and Bridge of Weir Leather.

Stronger International Reputation in the eyes of both customers and the wider industry itself.
Greater Media Reporting of the organisation’s outstanding sustainability achievements.
More People Talking about Scottish Leather Group within/outwith the sector.
Stronger Pitch with existing clients in the aviation/automotive sectors.
Easier Buy-In for future sustainability initiatives with other leaders in the company.
Exceptional Learnings Established for the SLG Marketing team to take forward.
Outstanding Return on Investment for all projects carried out.

“Production of our Annual Sustainability Report used to be one of the most stressful jobs in the marketing calendar due to its complexity and tight deadline. This year it was stress free, thanks to everybody involved including THE LOFT. It is a marked improvement on earlier versions and the introduction of infographics has transformed this publication.”

James Lang, Group Marketing Director of Scottish Leather Group Limited

Services Used
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Infographics, Design For Print, Campaign Support, Sales Support, Art Direction, Video and Motion.

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Percepta, Unleashing Untapped Potential

Percepta are a world-leading customer-experience company, with over 4400 experts working in over 56 countries, the organisation is renown in automotive circles for its exceptional work helping Ford Motor Company, Jaguar Land Rover and Volkswagen Group (amongst others) deliver better customer, dealer and supplier experiences.

The company has been incredibly effective using existing relationships, a strong track-record and word-of-mouth to sustain their growth. However, there was real potential to do so much more with brand, marketing and digital. This was the basis of the relationship with THE LOFT.

The collaboration between Percepta and THE LOFT lasted for several years, where together we…

Gave Percepta a Much Stronger Commercial Focus
(We did this by…)
– Providing greater clarity for prospective and existing clients by re-categorising service lines.
– Enhancing communications (particularly with Percepta’s existing clients) by building a new client-focussed case-study library.
– Maximising overall project values by introducing new composite service/capabilities.
– Re-purposing/showcasing previous project processes/methodologies using intelligent graphics, infographics and video.


Unleashed the Power of Digital
– Building a completely new website featuring a dramatic root and branch update in terms of aesthetics, usability and functionality.
– Ensuring the website had ‘multi-device compatibility,’ (ie would work beautifully well on smartphones/tablets and other digital devices.)
– Making the site more accessible by introducing a range of features including language translation services.
– Reaching more people in a more impactful way by introducing video.


Provided Close Support to Alan Meldrum, Percepta’s Vice President of Client Services, Sales & Marketing
– Collaborating closely to re-shape the company’s overall philosophy and how it can be presented for various markets and even customers.
– Bringing these new ideas to life with new communications including the careful design of various presentation decks, taking part in video interviews and even preparing materials that could be shared on social media.
– Organising opportunities for Alan to speak at various events and seminars.


Supported Percepta’s Relationship with Ford Motor Company
– Working with Ford on the creation of a new brand-experience for their premium brand Vignale.
– Creating a new brand identity and communications for the Henry Ford Academy.

Increased Sales Enquiries from both new and existing clients.
Unexpected Sales Opportunities from existing clients, previously unaware of various Percepta services.
Increased ‘Average-Order-Value’ with a greater number of value-add sales.
New Opportunities in non-automotive sectors.
Stronger Brand Value with with better client understanding of Percepta’s value-adds.
Improved Intercompany Satisfaction with the website and overall wider digital presence.
Stronger External/Internal Communications with various partners globally.
Improved Client Relationships with existing OEM clients.

“We worked very closely with THE LOFT for many years and they brought so much value to our global organisation in many different ways. Everything from overhauling our digital presence to supporting what we do with large automotive OEMs, even working very closely with myself to re-think how we present our own company’s position, philosophy and expertise. They’re always brimming with energy, ideas and a service-oriented approach to what they’re doing. We became so close, at one point, they even moved in. Very enjoyable to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Alan Meldrum, Percepta Global Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Client Services

Services Used
Marketing Audit/Strategy, Marketing Support, Creative Direction, Sales Support, Graphic Design, Website Design, Infographics, Motion, Video & Copywriting.

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Altia, Building a Globally Successful Brand

Altia, previously known as Altia Solutions, are a rapidly growing international software company with offices throughout the UK, Canada and Australia. The company provides a range of tools, solutions and services, primarily, in support of the law-enforcement community. They had received private-equity backing to scale their national and international growth before a planned exit/sale. They were looking for a creative partner to support them during a period of intense growth.

THE LOFT’s collaboration with Altia lasted over 7 years before the company was sold in 2020.

In this time we…

Helped to Produce a Truly Recognisable Global Brand
(We did this by…)
– Creating a more professional and ‘joined-up’ presentation of the brand from ‘Day-1.’
– Being strictly disciplined with all brand communications.
– Ensuring message consistency with the press by working closely with various PR partners.
– Introducing cross-sector inspired marketing ideas, initiatives and activities.


Helped to Significantly Increase Overall Sales
– Creating faster customer buy-ins by re-writing all product/business/brand propositions.
– Clarifying and amplifying the product’s benefits with various impactful visuals.
– Enhancing client loyalty by overseeing multiple digital campaigns.
– Creating a real wow-factor for the brand with everything we did.


Gained The Attention and Respect of The Law-Enforcement Community (Including Some of it’s Most Influential Supporters)
– Supporting in the creation of SOCEX, a series of annual events that would become the ‘go-too conference’ in the UK (and eventually around the world) for many involved in law-enforcement.
– Providing ‘on-point’ and relevant communications for both the Altia and SOCEX brands over a period of 4 years and for 7 conferences.


Helped to Oversee a More Harmonious Merger with Nottingham-Based ‘ABM Intelligence’
– Building genuine good will with many people from both companies by facilitating individual and then joint ‘Values, Vision & Mission’ exercises.
– Building on this exceptional work by hosting additional sessions with ABM staff, implementing their ideas into external/internal campaigns, as part of hiring/on-boarding processes, tender documents, etc.
– Significantly professionalising the ABM brand and bringing their communications in-line with the rest of the group.


Provided Support in a Number of Different Ways
– Supporting the leadership team throughout on a strategic-level.
– Providing ‘classic‘ agency assistance. (Managing tight deadlines, solving complex challenges, working across the entire organisation, collaborating with various external/internal partners over time, etc.)


Enjoyed Many Memorable Moments Over 7 years and 100+ Individual Projects
Everything from bringing company marketing presentations out-of-the-confines of the boardroom to attending each other’s annual Christmas parties to many-many last-minute deadline pushes and the unexpected creativity that can come from working with great people over an extended period of time.

Recognisable Brand Worldwide amongst the law-enforcement community.
Significantly Increased Sales Revenues
after every planned campaign.
More Efficient Sales Processes
across multiple product lines.
Improved Loyalty 
from both customers and users.
New Relationships 
with key people in the sector.
Increased ‘Average-Sale-Values’ 
with several Local/Central Government tender successes.
More Harmonious Relations 
post merger/acquisition. 
Improved Overall Communications 
between the leadership team and staff.
More Professionalised Appearance
of all brand communications.
Enhanced Reputation
Significantly Increased Shareholder Value
on exit.

“THE LOFT was an integral part of the Altia story, we worked together for many years and they were instrumental in creating our global brand. They contributed to countless projects, worked across the entire organisation and provided real support throughout our business journey as a growing company.

They were a tremendous help, particularly in the earlier years, when our company’s growth was at its most rapid and things were changing every day. They supported then, as they always have done, by contributing to the company’s strategies with great energy, insight and creativity. Always grounded in the commercial realities of what we were doing and always with the bigger picture in mind.

Good fun too, highly recommended.”

Ian Watson, Co-Founder of Altia Solutions

Services Used
Marketing Audit, Brand Strategy, Vision, Mission & Values , Marketing Strategy, Campaign Support, Sales Support, PR, Graphic Design, Website Design, Identity Design, Infographics, Motion & Copywriting.

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MCR Pathways, Maximising Every Last Detail

MCR Pathways are a charity that helps disadvantaged young people, mainly by providing volunteer mentors. The organisation started in Glasgow but were planning to scale-up throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. In the earlier days, the organisation had limited resources so had to ensure that they maximised every single marketing campaign. The careful design and execution of every last micro-detail was critical in ensuring that each communication hit the mark in generating interest amongst a wide group of people and eventually in attracting potential new mentors to the organisation.

THE LOFT’s close marketing support ran for several years and included email campaigns, digital magazines, website design, video and so much more. One decade on, both organisations are still close with MCR Pathways, one of THE LOFT’s selected charity partners.

“Having worked for many years helping develop brands both domestically and internationally, I have found that combining highly creative design with a fast and immediate client response is a significant challenge. The loft is exceptional in their patience and process to extract what the client wants, articulate the options effectively and then deliver the elements to meet tight time-scales and budgets. They continually go the extra mile and add considerable energy, insight and value throughout.”

Iain MacRitchie, Founder, Mentor & CEO of MCR Pathways

Services Used
Marketing Support, Graphic Design, Website Design, Video & Copywriting.


Beeks FX VPS, Storytelling Identity

Beeks FX VPS manage Virtual Private Servers for automated trading. The company is one of the global leaders, serving brokers who operate in the London Stock Exchange. The organisation was acquiring a New York provider to expand their coverage and their management team wanted a more professional brand presentation. One that would more accurately depict what the company does in the marketplace.

The creation of an identity which incorporated several of the organisation’s key messages gave the company’s management team a tremendous opportunity to continuously share its competitive advantages. In addition to identity, THE LOFT carried out an entire company re-brand, digital refresh and production of various marketing materials.

“The loft were instrumental in our re-branding exercise at Beeks FX, as we continue to grow our international business, they went above and beyond when working to a tight deadline. Our team enjoyed working with them, and it was a fun experience; however, threats of free Prosecco have yet to materialise!”

Gordon McArthur, CEO of Beeks FX VPS


SOCEX, Bringing Together Law-Enforcement

Long-term client, and investigation software provider, Altia Solutions, were looking to build their brand nationally. They decided to bring together of many of the most influential voices in law-enforcement, including several UK Home Secretaries and Secretaries of Justice, into a conference setting with their role as facilitator. Over several years, SOCEX (The Serious & Organised Crime Exchange) helped burn Altia into the mind of every key decision maker locally, regionally and nationally.

THE LOFT played an instrumental part in SOCEX’s creation and was the key creative partner over the first 4 years of the conference – overseeing the creation of the brand, the design of all conference communications and supporting of various sponsorship campaigns. THE LOFT also provided additional marketing communications for ALTIA throughout conference events including with the creation of the memorable ‘Altia Times’ bespoke newspaper for law-enforcement delegates.

“When Altia decided to develop and be the lead sponsor of the ‘SOCEX’ conference and the 10th annual ‘Keith Hughes Awards,’ the loft worked closely with us, and the event management company, to produce the unique branding for each of the events.They delivered excellent work within tight deadlines and the results were commented on very favourably by many of the attendees. The branding is being used for the this year’s events and I have no hesitation in recommending the loft to others.”

Ian Watson, Managing Director of Altia Solutions, Chief Sponsors and Founding Partners of SOCEX


“SOCEX, Serious and Organised Crime Exchange. As a concept, the Conference title can spring up many images — whether coming from the dark world of blockbuster thrillers or gritty police dramas on TV. The loft managed to capture the seriousness of the subject matter being discussed across the two day conference while providing a document which will have a life long after the conference itself, capturing the core elements of the event in such a way that attendees and their colleagues will return to it as a vivid reminder of what took place.”

Martin Jack, Managing Director of Think Different Events and Co-Founder of SOCEX