Aqualisa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium showers. Founded in 1976 and based in Kent, the company has been growing rapidly in a number of ways. One of their main successes were with ‘business-to-consumer’ consumers who loved the Aqualisa style, quality and ‘ease-of-installation.’

However they were looking to increase their ‘Business To Business’ revenue and were planning to sell directly to home-builders. They required a brochure which would showcase the style of their products and the quality of the showering experience to end users whilst getting across the practical benefits of their products for contractors too.


We carefully selected a range of beautiful images of the showers to showcase the style and quality of Aqualisa for end users. These included dramatic images of people using the showers, the showers themselves in a wet environment and stunning detail shots. Finally, clear graphics were used to demonstrate the ‘easy-assembly’ and ‘superior environmental performance’ of Aqualisa products. These were incredibly important considerations for home-builders.


The final brochure was a huge success.

“Aqualisa has been working with the loft for several years now on a huge range of projects — everything from packaging concepts to brochure designs, sales-decks, photography and other marketing communications. The team provides creative solutions, sometimes to extremely tight deadlines, which has helped our company to drive forward with its own commercial objectives, essentially they are an extended part of our team. Highly recommended.”

Simon Cornelius, Senior Product Manager of Aqualisa



The loft is delighted to have worked many of its clients for a number of years and our relationship with Altia Solutions (now Altia-ABM,) a software company that helps investigators increase the effectiveness of their investigations, at over 5 years is one of our longest. In that time, we have collaborated on over 100 creative projects with our work on the SOCEX brochure design has been one of the real highlights.

The Serious & Organised Crime Exchange (SOCEX) was co-founded by Altia and Think Different Events. The project was started in 2014 and involved the creation of a new conference designed to give top law-enforcement officials a forum to network, exchange ideas and celebrate success. We were incredibly happy to be part of the founding committee and helped with the design of the name, identity and event brochure. We worked closely with both our partners to create a brand that would be meaningful, stand the test of time and provide the correct balance of creativity and professionalism.

The inaugural 2015 May conference was the first of its type and speakers included the then UK Home Secretary – Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Sir John Murphy and Mick Creedon. Throughout the following years, we have continued to assist with the brochure design where we have always worked to showcase the themes of each conference, ensure it continually adds value and there has been an underlying consistency throughout.

SOCEX is now one of the key dates in the calendar for law-enforcement officials, there have been spin-offs (including more specialist conferences) and international events are planned too. We are absolutely thrilled to be continuing our support of this excellent event with 5 brochures designed in total and a 6th currently in development.



“SOCEX, Serious and Organised Crime Exchange. As a concept, the Conference title can spring up many images — whether coming from the dark world of blockbuster thrillers or gritty police dramas on TV. The loft managed to capture the seriousness of the subject matter being discussed across the two day conference while providing a document which will have a life long after the conference itself, capturing the core elements of the event in such a way that attendees and their colleagues will return to it as a vivid reminder of what took place.”

Martin Jack, Managing Director of Think Different Events

“When Altia decided to develop and be the lead sponsor of the ‘SOCEX’ conference and the annual ‘Keith Hughes Awards,’ the loft worked closely with us. They delivered excellent work within tight deadlines and the results were commented on very favourably by many of the attendees.”

Ian Watson, CEO of Altia-ABM




Scottish Leather Group is a UK based manufacturer of high-quality leather. The organisation is formed of a number of companies including Bridge Of Weir, Lang and Muirhead. They have made significant investments over many years to improve the sustainability of their plants and this allows them to have one of the lowest carbon footprints for leather production in the EU. For their ‘2016 Sustainability Report,’ they were wanting to highlight the exceptional outcomes they had achieved including a significant plant reduction in CO2, the winning of various awards and some of the best health & safety statistics in the industry.

The loft was delighted to assist by creating a brochure which included beautifully art-directed photography, creative infographics and a series of special features designed to bring the information to life. The success of the 2016 project led to another collaboration in 2017 and another in 2018. Throughout this time, the loft has began to oversee a ‘five-year-plan’ to create a more sustainable ‘Sustainability Report’ with a transition towards digital, a smaller document size and one which is printed in a more environmentally friendly way. Each report has been innovative yet in-line with the style of the brand while the photography and infographics have regularly been used by the organisation for other purposes. We have very much enjoyed working with the entire SLG team throughout the last few years and look forward to continuing our collaboration.

“Production of our Annual Sustainability Report used to be one of the most stressful jobs in the marketing calendar due to its complexity and a tight deadline. This year it was stress-free, thanks to everybody involved including the loft. It is a marked improvement on earlier versions and the introduction of infographics has transformed this publication.”

James Lang, Group Marketing Director of Scottish Leather Group Limited