Founded in 2004, Altia Solutions is a Glasgow-based software company, principally helping financial investigators increase the productivity, efficiency and accuracy of their investigations. After several years of significant growth both nationally and internationally, the company acquired Nottingham-based covert intelligence systems provider ABM Intelligence in 2016. The newly named Altia-ABM was sold in 2020 and is now known, simply, as Altia.

From late 2013 to early 2020, the loft worked closely with the Altia management team providing both strategic and operational marketing support. In that time, the company increased their sales revenues more than six-fold (with a comparable increase in profitability,) created a globally-recognised & sector-leading brand whilst significantly increasing the value of the company on exit.



Some of the highlights of our work with Altia.

Helping the company more effectively communicate the value of their software solutions to customers, by creating a series of bold, impactful and on-message brands for both the company and products. The loft worked with Altia over 3 different brand cycles.

Helping increase sales to customers in both the public and private sectors with the creation and management of a number of campaigns throughout several years. Seasonal campaigns to target ‘end-of-year’ public-sector spends were particularly successful.

Helping position the company’s brand more strongly, both globally and nationally, in the minds of influential law-enforcement officials. This was achieved with the creation of ’thought-leadership’ brand SOCEX and the delivery of all communications over the first 4 years of the event.

Helping the company create more efficient sales processes, by producing bespoke communications for each of the various stakeholders involved in a complex buying process.

Helping the company improve customer loyalty, user-satisfaction and license renewals by creating several e-mail campaigns to help existing users unlock more of their Altia software.

Helping the company achieve more high-value sales with larger organisations (including local/central/national governments worldwide) with the creation and delivery of coherent and impactful vision, mission and value statements.

Helping improve company loyalty among employees with the same vision, mission and value projects mentioned above, whilst also involving entire company staffs in many of the ongoing creative and branding projects.

The Values, Vision & Mission’ exercise was also used to help facilitate a more harmonious merger between Altia Solutions and ABM Intelligence.

Helping the company’s management team over several years with strategic advice and ideas on both brand and marketing.

Helping the company’s sales and marketing teams operationally over many years by meeting countless tight deadlines, both nationally and internationally, during several phases of rapid growth.