Who wants data people remembers, numbers with impact, graphics that capture the imagination?

A little bit of flair, a little bit of visual punch.

Infographic are just brilliant for communicating complex messages – business plan projections, financial results, scientific data, close comparisons and relevant measurements, etc.

They can work for digital and for print too – livening up a website, breathing life into a brochure, sharing on social or just creating a campaign.

At the loft, we pride ourselves on the infographics we create. We just love them, we learn the facts, the figures, the underlying narrative, what you want to say. What you really, really want to say.

Then we generate themes and stories, sketches and drawings, all the while looking for captivating ways to bring your messages to life. We post-it note all the data and make sure it’s beautifully organised in a way a user can access too.

We work through multiple versions until we arrive at something you can’t help but fall in love with.

Finally, we get on with the production – mini-brochures, video animations, social media packs, we even do special cuts for Powerpoint.

All the while making sure that your infographic reaps the maximum impact for the time and money you’ve invested.

If you are interested in creating more impact around your data and want to create a beautiful infographic.

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