Drink Baotic, Capturing The Imagination

Drink Baotic, an African-inspired packaging design

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Drink Baotic is an exciting new entrepreneurial company which produces dairy and gluten-free pre-biotic drinks. The drinks have a unique flavour which comes from its main ingredient, the baobab ‘super fruit’ originating from The Gambia. Founders Paul and Isatou were looking to create a genuinely captivating brand with evocative packaging designs that would jump off the shelf.


 Drink-Baotic, Evocative Packaging Design, Storytelling Photographs

A beautifully resolved brand and distinctive packaging designs have allowed Drink Baotic to launch their brand in the strongest way possible. (Some celebrity fans above.) The elegantly resolved logo shows the t and i represented by an African mother touching her child’s head.


Some of the key design mock-ups for the 4 flavours of Drink Baotic.


 Drink-Baotic, Evocative Packaging Design, Development Images  Drink-Baotic, Evocative Packaging Design, Further Development Images

The development of an evocative packaging design solution. Some of the additional shells created, product benchmarking and other concepts considered throughout the creative process.


 Drink Baotic, Evocative Packaging Design, Research Images - Product Benchmarking Drink Baotic, Evocative Packaging Design, Research Images - Cultural ResearchWe considered contemporary expressions of African and Gambian culture, including the arts, textile design and other forms of packaging design as part of an incredibly thorough research phase.


 Drink Baotic, Evocative Packaging Design, Baobab Tree

The beautiful Baobab tree in The Gambia.


 Drink Baotic, Evocative Packaging Design, Hero Image

Drink Baotic, evocative packaging design, coming in 4 flavours – Baobab Original and with Orange, Banana & Strawberry.