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Percepta is a US-based customer experience company operating worldwide, with over 4400 experts working in over 56 countries, they work mainly in the automotive sector providing call-centre support, customer journey mapping, dealer-training and a host of other customer-experience services. They were looking for a new website which was visually a strong step forward, would help prospective/existing clients learn more about what they can offer, showcase the additional value of composite services and the bespoke approach they would utilise for different projects.




The new Percepta website was a significant step-forward in terms of its look and feel. The site was designed to work exceptionally well on smartphones and tablets, bespoke graphics were created to communicate various parts of the Percepta offering while various company methodologies were re-designed too.




The creation of a new case-study library was instrumental in helping Percepta showcase their vast array of successful client experiences as well as informing prospective/new clients of additional ways the organisation could help them.


Helping to engage clients/staff all over the world was assisted with additional functionality such as on-site language translators.




The newly categorised service lines helped Percepta both to better communicate the value of their existing services and the value-add of composite services.



THE LOFT took a user-centred approach to the project with extensive work being carried out to ensure visitors were presented the correct content at the correct times in their respective website journeys. There was extensive work carried out graphically.



THE LOFT collaborated extensively with Percepta over several years including working closely with Alan Meldrum, their Global Vice President of Marketing & Client Services.




Increased Sales Enquiries from both new and existing clients.
Unexpected Sales Opportunities from existing clients, previously unaware of various Percepta services.
Increased ‘Average-Order-Value’ with a greater number of value-add sales.
New Opportunities in non-automotive sectors.
Stronger Brand Value with better client understanding of Percepta’s value-adds.
Improved Intercompany Satisfaction with the website and overall wider digital presence.
Stronger External/Internal Communications with various partners globally.
Improved Client Relationships with existing OEM clients.




“For me, the success of our new website stems from the loft’s ability to capture the essence of what Percepta does and tell our story to the wider marketplace. Our core strength lies in creating seamless experiences for our clients’ customers, and in working with the brilliant Michelle, we were able to demonstrate this through a series of captivating and eloquently written case studies. Overall, a great experience, and a fantastic new website!!”

Lindsay Morrison, Global Marketing Manager of Percepta


“We worked very closely with THE LOFT for many years and they brought so much value to our global organisation in many different ways. Everything from overhauling our digital presence to supporting what we do with large automotive OEMs, even working very closely with myself to re-think how we present our own company’s position, philosophy and expertise. They’re always brimming with energy, ideas and a service-oriented approach to what they’re doing. We became so close, at one point, they even moved in. Very enjoyable to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Alan Meldrum, Percepta Global Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Client Services



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