Photography that jumps off a page, lights up a feed, entices future readers, observers and consumers to want to find out more. An image speaks a thousand words and in today’s digital world – never has a truer word been spoken. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google – they all recognise great pictures. If you want to get your brand noticed on social media, if you want to tell an authentic story or even if you just want to wow others – beautiful art-directed photography is a great place to start.

At the loft we create images that tell a captivating story, visuals that put what is great about you, what is special about you and your product or service front and centre. Alongside our photographer friends, we play with lighting and composition, proportions and filters, layout and typography, graphics and type, all of the technical elements mastered to create eye-catching visual masterpieces.

At THE LOFT, we storyboard everything, sketch out different ideas and build a captivating narrative. We are disciplined with the planning and meticulous in putting it all together, capturing shots quickly and paying agonising attention to detail with the editing. Each time resulting in a beautiful series of images that truly stand the test of time.

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