Make a mark.

There is no hiding your identity. Whether it is looking at the company website, picking up the company stationary, or staring at the company signage — your identity leaves an indelible mark. Does yours make people quietly curious to find out more, or does it make them want to run a mile? Is it a beautifully professional mark that you love to tell people about or something that is better off hidden away in the corner?

Your logo is the defining mark of your business, it will go everywhere with you. Engage in a large acquisition — your logo will be on the press releases. Present a new product to market — your identity will be on the campaign. Social media activities — your mark is there.

At the loft, we create identities that tell a story. We make sure they represent what you do and who you are. We design them to work both digitally and for print. Work big or small and to be flexible enough for all those areas in between.

Finally, we make sure that everybody you meet will end up loving your logo.

If your identity looks tired, in need of some life or just no longer representative of who you are any more contact us to find out how we can help.