A Creative Partnership

In late 2012, we were delighted to be given the opportunity to begin working with Altia Solutions, a Glasgow-based software company which was helping financial investigators increase the productivity and accuracy of their work. They were still in the early stages of their product development and just starting to grow their company. At that time, Altia sold each of their 4 products – Toolkit, Toolbar, Digital Manager and Insight – mainly into police forces throughout the UK, however they were starting to attract interest internationally and had achieved some initial sales abroad.

We would work with the organisation for the best part of a decade right until the company was sold in 2021. Throughout that time, we provided close brand and marketing support throughout this phase of rapid growth – this included the company multiplying it’s revenues several fold, their merger with Nottingham-based ABM Intelligence, the creation of a new company Altia-ABM, significant international expansion, the creation of the prestigious SOCEX conferences and onwards to their final sale.

For much of that time, the loft were the organisation’s sole creative provider and acted pre-dominantly as an out-sourced brand-marketing department. The case-study below highlights the most effective parts of our work together.



Throughout the entirety of our work together, there was always an emphasis on helping Altia-ABM (formerly Altia Solutions & ABM Intelligence) achieve ambitious commercial goals.



Helping Altia’s prospective customers gain an understanding on what the software did and how it could help them was key. We achieved this in many different ways, particularly by creating sophisticated graphics showing how the software could integrate into existing systems.



Similarly, showcasing the tangible benefit of the various Altia software packages was incredibly important in persuading procurement managers of public-sector organisations to sample Altia’s software. Throughout the years, several graphics/infographics were created such as those above to showcase no of hours saved, etc.



Managing tight deadlines nationally and internationally whilst being creative is a challenge for most rapidly growing companies. The creation of high-quality sub-brand identities for the Altia Solutions product range right at the beginning of our work together was highly important to give our creative team the best possible opportunity in meeting those challenges.



Increasing customer satisfaction, improving customer retention and ultimately increasing the number of license renewals was achieved in no small part with these short mail campaigns which introduced/re-introduced operators to one feature of the Altia software per week. This was in response to a survey which showed that many operators were only using 15-20% of their software packages.



Keeping marketing materials fresh and interesting was important with regular campaigns being launched. This was achieved in a number of different ways throughout many years – one notable example were these beautiful 3D visuals of the Altia sub-brands.



Showing real and lasting commitment to the community while increasing brand value was achieved with SOCEX, a new initiative conceived by the Altia management team to bring together key individuals from the entire law-enforcement sector. Separate and high-quality brands were created, impactful marketing communications produced over a period of many years to help Altia Solutions, ABM Intelligence and eventually Altia-ABM build real and lasting name recognition with the community.



When Altia Solutions and ABM Intelligence merged in 2016, great efforts were made to unite both companies in terms of culture, values and brand presentation. One invaluable exercise was the creation of practical values that could be used by both organisations.



Despite the merger, the visual style developed by the loft for Altia Solutions was carried over to ABM Intelligence, this resulted in a range of new brand/marketing materials including the new ABM Intelligence brand identity above.



Dealing with tight and challenging deadlines was common throughout the entire period of working together. To showcase ideas in a fast and easy way – the loft team would regularly sketch out various ideas for Altia/ABM management staff to use during meetings.



We were delighted to form such a close and mutually beneficial partnership with the entire Altia-ABM team throughout our time working together.




“In developing the product branding, the loft talked with all the staff and came up with individual product brand designs that reflect the differing properties of the software yet are linked in their overall theme. We are very pleased with the result and proudly include them on all information sent out for the company.”

“When Altia decided to develop and be the lead sponsor of the ’SOCEX 2015’ conference and the 10th Annual ‘Keith Hughes Awards,’ The loft worked closely with us and the event management company to produce the unique branding for each of the events. They delivered excellent work within tight tight deadlines and the results were commented on very favourably by man of the attendees. The branding is being used for the 2016 events and I have no hesitation in recommending the loft to deliver innovative and interesting designs.”

“Over the past 10 or so years we have worked together on several important projects for Altia Solutions. From a completly new identity for both the company and the software products to working closely with me in developing the SOCEX brand. I´ve always found Benedetto to be receptive to our ideas and always delivers new and exciting design concepts from a revitalised on-line presence through to conference collateral materials, printed brochures and product infographics. This work has helped to create a group brand image that is now part of the company’s culture and this has definitely helped in our world-wide growth. He is good fun to work with but always very serious about his creative work.”

Ian Watson, Founder/Managing Director of Altia Solutions, Founding Partner of SOCEX & CEO of Altia-ABM


“We’ve been collaborating with the loft for more than a year and in that time I’ve been mightily impressed, first and foremost with their enthusiasm and desire to understand our business. An easy option would have been to deal with the initial job in isolation, complete it quickly, and move on to another but Benedetto and his team instantly saw the bigger picture and opted not for the quick and easy choice but the more challenging. Their willingness to challenge themselves and push the boundaries shines through in the physical work the loft have produced for us. From a total company and product rebranding exercise to more subtle marketing campaigns the material produced by the loft always surprises and delights me and consistently supports my teams activities to drive sales. Working from the ground up and engaging everyone at Altia, the entire team at the loft have built a strong understanding of our business which they apply to new projects, subsequently presenting the end product remarkably quickly and accurately. Long may our collation with The Loft continue.”

Paul Miller, Sales Manager of Altia Solutions


“The loft helped us to create a new brand after our merger in 2016. They went to great lengths to talk to everybody in the company, they were always responsive with changes and both the identity and cultural aspects of the new brand have been a great help to us in re-posiitoning the organisation and getting our message across. We very much enjoyed working with them, highly recommended.”

Paul Hardman, Business Relationship Manager of ABM Intelligence


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