Young Enterprise Scotland, Memorable Strategic Plan


Young Enterprise Scotland is a charitable organisation that inspires young people to learn and succeed through enterprise. We were asked to bring their ‘three-year strategic plan’ to life, to create something completely different to the standard corporate plan, something that could appeal to all of the different stakeholders of the organisation.

THE LOFT’s decision to create a pack of post-cards featuring each of the different stakeholders positively affected by the new Strategic Plan was a real hit with all involved. The revised format helped Young Enterprise Scotland get buy-in for many of the initiatives they were proposing plus the creative process itself was enjoyed by all.

“When you approach an agency with a wish, you never know where you will land with the ideas generated and ultimately the effectiveness of the suggested proposal for your organisation. Working with the loft I had no fear and no doubt about the innovation, the communication, the deadlines being met and most important having something that worked for us and our audience.

At the end of the day it is what the public perception is of what the loft created THAT IS IMPORTANT – in a nutshell they love our Strategic Plan in a set of playing cards and we cannot thank them enough for having their ideas and following them through to production – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Geoff Leask, CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland