Women’s Enterprise Scotland ‘provide inspiration, information and a voice for women in business.’ They have a tremendous story to tell. Statistics such as ‘women-led businesses contribute more than £5billion towards the Scottish economy’ and ’94,000 women in Scotland are self-employed.’

Women’s Enterprise Scotland asked the loft to create an infographic that would display these statistics as well as provide a design to their ‘Action Framework.’


We worked closely with each of the members of the Women’s Enterprise Scotland team to create an infographic that visually told a story of growth for female entrepreneurs in Scotland. We designed an abstract flower that contained elements of information while also proudly incorporating the colours of the famous Suffragette movement at the request of the client.

The infographic was designed to be compatible in both digital and print formats and was complimented with a specially branded document for their ‘Action Framework Launch.’

Printed brochures were created for ‘The Women’s Enterprise Action Framework Launch’ in Edinburgh to John Swinney MSP and Angela Constance MSP.


The infographic brochure and action framework all helped to present the case for women’s enterprise in Scotland.

“Women’s Enterprise Scotland enjoyed working with the loft on a project to help us demonstrate pictorially what we do. We were pleased with the process from start to end product. They listened to our brief and developed a creative concept that suited our needs and budget.”

Margaret Gibson, Chief Executive, Women’s Enterprise Scotland