Scottish Leather Group, Transformative Storytelling


Scottish Leather Group are one of Europe’s leading leather producers. A company with an outstanding international reputation, they’ve placed ’sustainability’ at the heart of their industrial policies/practices for the best part of two decades and achieved some spectacular results. They were looking for a creative partner to help transform the way they told their story to many of their stakeholders – existing and prospective customers, managers, staff, suppliers, shareholders and even other members of the leadership team.

THE LOFT worked closely with Scottish Leather Group’s marketing and leadership teams for over three years.

Together we…


Transformed a ‘Simple Reporting Document for Shareholders’ into a Multi-Pronged Series of Campaigns with a Variety of Communications
These came in the form of social media campaigns, videos, print advertisements, sales decks and so much more.


Introduced More Effective Ways to Communicate Information 
These included a wide range of beautiful storytelling infographics, art-directed photography and innovative uses of mixed media.


Went Beyond Facts & Figures
Introducing more personal stories of some of the outstanding people working in the organisation.


Did More With Digital
Creating online versions of the Annual Sustainability Report for the three years we worked together.


Walked The Talk
By producing a more lightweight and sustainable ‘Sustainability Report’ over those three years.


Considered The Future
Creating a 5-Year Action Plan for the Future of ‘The Sustainability Report’ itself.


Brought Sustainability Themes into Other Campaigns for SLG Brands
Achieved by extensively re-purposing content for…
1) Alternative SLG communciations.
2) For sister brands ‘Muirhead’ and ‘Bridge of Weir.’


Maximised Project Budgets Throughout
Achieved by extensively re-purposing new content throughout. whether for alternative SLG communications or for SLG sister brands Muirhead and Bridge of Weir Leather.

Stronger International Reputation in the eyes of both customers and the wider industry itself.
Greater Media Reporting of the organisation’s outstanding sustainability achievements.
More People Talking about Scottish Leather Group within/outwith the sector.
Stronger Pitch with existing clients in the aviation/automotive sectors.
Easier Buy-In for future sustainability initiatives with other leaders in the company.
Exceptional Learnings Established for the SLG Marketing team to take forward.
Outstanding Return on Investment for all projects carried out.

“Production of our Annual Sustainability Report used to be one of the most stressful jobs in the marketing calendar due to its complexity and tight deadline. This year it was stress free, thanks to everybody involved including THE LOFT. It is a marked improvement on earlier versions and the introduction of infographics has transformed this publication.”

James Lang, Group Marketing Director of Scottish Leather Group Limited

Services Used
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Infographics, Design For Print, Campaign Support, Sales Support, Art Direction, Video and Motion.

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