PMA Recruitment Services are a fast-growing and service-led recruitment company. They specialise, pre-dominantly, in effectively matching construction companies and employees with each other. The organisation has been growing at an incredibly rapid rate since it was founded in 2021.

At the loft, we were delighted to design their brand, build their website over a year ago and have worked with them ever since. We were further thrilled when asked to design a series of communications to showcase their new recruitment process ‘Keeping It Simple.’


As always, at the loft, we honed in quickly on what PMA were wanting to say. What they were really wanting to say. They asked for an idea and graphic which showcased the simplicity of their process, but more significantly to showcase dynamic process that quickly and efficiently helps both employers and employees find who they are looking for.

The loft built on the bold brand colours with a simple chevron graphic to symbolise the 6 steps of the process. Special efforts were taken to ensure that graphics looked like they were moving even when stationary.

Once a design was selected by PMA Recruitment, we were delighted to create multiple versions for their website, as a digital/print brochure, for PPT and social media. Finally, a special reverse-colour version was created so clients and partners could more easily print a copy without using too much printer ink. True design functionality.


We were delighted with the final results as were PMA Recruitment Services.

Thanks as always to Benedetto and the loft for our new ‘Recruitment Process’ creative designs. Tremendous work as always!

Craig Kenny, Founder of PMA Recruitment Services