PMA Recruitment Services Branding


PMA Recruitment Services are a new Glasgow-based recruitment company which puts positive mental health and well-being at the centre of its message to both clients and staff, alongside a niche offering for trade-people in the construction sector. We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to help Craig and Ashleigh, the founders of PMA, with the creation of a new brand for their organisation – the project would include identity design, a new website, art-directed photography, brochure and other complimentary materials. PMA Recruitment wanted a brand identity that was bold, impactful and help them make a splash in the competitive recruitment market.



The loft team started by exploring the various themes around the business – positivity, good mental health & well-being, togetherness as well as a final theme ‘gamechangers’ which was much more in-line with the construction sector they were looking to serve at the beginning. Brands such as Caterpillar, Irn Bru and even the graphical style of the current Scotland National football team all provided visual inspiration for this theme.

The identity design quickly came together – dramatically condensed typefaces, bold highly saturated colours and the little PMA emblem. A range of different colours were explored but Craig and Ashleigh quickly honed in on the yellow seen above with a darker grey backdrop. Once a design was selected, a range of materials were created including a mini-brochure with the yellow of the logo beautifully captured in a SpotUV finish.

However, the real highlight of the project was the design of Craig and Ashleigh’s business cards which were a true labour of love.. The final designs as can be seen above were 700GSM thick cards with different coloured cards, on each side, letter-pressed characters, QR codes which leads to the PMA Recruitment Services website, black foil on one side and the incredibly intricate and technically difficult double-yellow foil on the darker side guaranteeing the most vibrant yellow possible. Beautifully crafted by those masters of print at Glasgow Press>>>.




A stunning new identity which has given PMA Recruitment Solutions the impactful introduction they were looking for.

“Benedetto and his team at the loft have been a key partner in getting our business up and running. They have supported us from the off from our brand design to our website. Offering a service we as a start-up business have been able to rely on.”

Craig Kenny, Co-Founder of PMA Recruitment Services

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