Percepta, Client Service Reminders


Percepta is a US-based customer experience company operating worldwide, they work mainly in the automotive sector providing a whole host of customer-centric services. They were incredibly proud of an incredible track record of success but felt that too many of their existing clients knew too little about the additional things they could do to help.

THE LOFT’s decision to create a comprehensive digital case-study library was instrumental in increasing sales for Percepta, providing a rich track-record of experience and expertise to new clients but even more crucially making existing clients aware of additional services Percepta could provide. The well-written and excellently presented collection of case-studies, which were well categorised and easy to find, had a transformative effect on Percepta’s overall digital presence.

“We worked very closely with THE LOFT for many years and they brought so much value to our global organisation in many different ways. Everything from overhauling our digital presence to supporting what we do with large automotive OEMs, even working very closely with myself to re-think how we present our own company’s position, philosophy and expertise. They’re always brimming with energy, ideas and a service-oriented approach to what they’re doing. We became so close, at one point, they even moved in. Very enjoyable to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Alan Meldrum, Percepta Global Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Client Services