Murphy Wealth are a rapidly growing Wealth Management firm founded in Ayr, Scotland. To coincide with their 35th Anniversary and impending move to Glasgow, they commissioned the loft to build an entirely new brand and website. The main objectives were to increase the perceived value of the wealth management brand, build strategic partnerships with major Scottish legal firms and naturally to attract more clients.


We worked closely with Murphy Wealth to create a brand strategy and then a wide range of communications. Transparency was seen as the most authentic and obvious theme for a new brand and was used throughout the entire process, it inspired the logo, icons and all areas of art direction. We also created an eye-catching website  built on a content management system, is fully responsive, and compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktops. One of the most significant objectives was the firm’s intention to move upmarket; the creation of ‘Process’ documents was used to demonstrate the true value of their wealth management service. We listed 36 individual sub-processes in the wealth management service, each of which helps to inform clients of the value of their work.


The results of this project are clear for everybody to see, a much more sophisticated wealth management brand, a huge step forward in the company’s digital presence and the reaching of all of the company’s main objectives pre-project. We were delighted to be subsequently awarded the design and build of the website for their sister company – Murphy Insurance.