MCR Pathways, Maximising Every Last Detail


MCR Pathways are a charity that helps disadvantaged young people, mainly by providing volunteer mentors. The organisation started in Glasgow but were planning to scale-up throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. In the earlier days, the organisation had limited resources so had to ensure that they maximised every single marketing campaign. The careful design and execution of every last micro-detail was critical in ensuring that each communication hit the mark in generating interest amongst a wide group of people and eventually in attracting potential new mentors to the organisation.

THE LOFT’s close marketing support ran for several years and included email campaigns, digital magazines, website design, video and so much more. One decade on, both organisations are still close with MCR Pathways, one of THE LOFT’s selected charity partners.

“Having worked for many years helping develop brands both domestically and internationally, I have found that combining highly creative design with a fast and immediate client response is a significant challenge. The loft is exceptional in their patience and process to extract what the client wants, articulate the options effectively and then deliver the elements to meet tight time-scales and budgets. They continually go the extra mile and add considerable energy, insight and value throughout.”

Iain MacRitchie, Founder, Mentor & CEO of MCR Pathways

Services Used
Marketing Support, Graphic Design, Website Design, Video & Copywriting.