Drink Baotic, Engineering Wow-Factor


Drink Baotic is an African-inspired, prebiotic drink based on the Baobab super-fruit. It comes in four unique flavours, has a tremendously distinctive taste and is packed with lots of great health benefits.

A company with a real social conscious too, they support the local farming communities in The Gambia as part of their business model. As a scale-up, they were looking to raise investment and get their drinks onto the shelves of more traditional retailers such as supermarkets and various health stores.

We were asked to help create a much stronger ‘wow-factor’ around their brand.

We were delighted to be given this opportunity and worked closely with Drink Baotic, and their partners, over several years to carry out a number of projects. Together we…


Drink Baotic Evocative Packaging Hero Image

Created a Range of Highly Distinctive and Truly Beautiful Product Packaging Solutions
Designs that would command the attention of any would-be shopper in the supermarkets and specialist health stores where the product would be sold.


Produced a Stunning Series of Brand Graphics
Including the ‘Baotic Scribble Pattern’ based on ancient hieroglyphics.


Produced Multiple Intelligent Design Solutions
With so much important information creatively and carefully placed on each packaging design.


Provided a Wide Range of Concepts that Could Be Used for Future Iterations
A concept example from earlier in the process.


Further Examples 
Other concepts explored during the initial creative phases of the project.


Produced a Highly Evocative and Meaningful Brand Identity
With the t and i of Baotic being designed to represent a mother touching her young son’s head.


Produced a Wide Range of Complimentary Materials for the Brand
These included packaging designs for future variations, new packaging shells and social media campaigns.


Introduced a Real Personal Touch to the Drink Baotic Brand Story
Expertly communicated by Company Founders Paul and Isatou.


Richard Reed and Sir Richard Branson of Innocent Smoothies and Virgin fame, respectively, are clearly both fans.

Real ‘On-The-Shelf’ Impact for each of the 4 flavours.
A More Universally Loved
and highly popular brand.
Improved Social Media Communications
across all channels.
More Leverage with Retailers & Investors
as a result of the work produced above.
Outstanding Return on Investment.

Services Used
Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Design For Print, Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Brand Identity Design, Motion & Campaign Support.

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