The Craft Whisky Club is an online subscription service for whisky lovers, they source and deliver rare whiskies to members all across the globe. They also encourage a much richer whisky tasting experience by matching the appropriate foods to accompany rare expressions.

They wanted a campaign to promote Raasay’s ‘While We Wait’ expression and asked the loft to create something which would tell a compelling story.


This campaign was about much more than whisky.

The value of Craft Whisky Club is the creation of an entire experience for it’s whisky-loving clientele. We wanted to communicate that experience for ‘While We Wait’ and decided to create an art-directed, set piece image which would include each of the ingredients from the tasting notes of this rare whisky – peppers, liquorice, dried fruit, creamy blue cheese, cherries, brambles, grain and salt, etc.

They were all formed like a clock with a meticulous attention to detail, the lighting was designed to shine through the glass to create a shadow and each of these different cues were all created to mimic the sundial image used on the label and create a true representation of the final whisky expression.


“The process we went through to derive the While We Wait concept art was very enjoyable indeed. The invite to attend at the inception and final stages made me really feel a part of the process and collaborating with the loft team on the details of materials, shadow and final photography made me really feel my needs were catered for. Every time I look at the results I feel a real attachment and pride.”

David Nicol, Founder of The Craft Whisky Club