Altia, Building a Globally Successful Brand


Altia, previously known as Altia Solutions, are a rapidly growing international software company with offices throughout the UK, Canada and Australia. The company provides a range of tools, solutions and services, primarily, in support of the law-enforcement community. They had received private-equity backing to scale their national and international growth before a planned exit/sale. They were looking for a creative partner to support them during a period of intense growth.

THE LOFT’s collaboration with Altia lasted over 7 years before the company was sold in 2020.

In this time we…

Helped to Produce a Truly Recognisable Global Brand
(We did this by…)
– Creating a more professional and ‘joined-up’ presentation of the brand from ‘Day-1.’
– Being strictly disciplined with all brand communications.
– Ensuring message consistency with the press by working closely with various PR partners.
– Introducing cross-sector inspired marketing ideas, initiatives and activities.


Helped to Significantly Increase Overall Sales
– Creating faster customer buy-ins by re-writing all product/business/brand propositions.
– Clarifying and amplifying the product’s benefits with various impactful visuals.
– Enhancing client loyalty by overseeing multiple digital campaigns.
– Creating a real wow-factor for the brand with everything we did.


Gained The Attention and Respect of The Law-Enforcement Community (Including Some of it’s Most Influential Supporters)
– Supporting in the creation of SOCEX, a series of annual events that would become the ‘go-too conference’ in the UK (and eventually around the world) for many involved in law-enforcement.
– Providing ‘on-point’ and relevant communications for both the Altia and SOCEX brands over a period of 4 years and for 7 conferences.


Helped to Oversee a More Harmonious Merger with Nottingham-Based ‘ABM Intelligence’
– Building genuine good will with many people from both companies by facilitating individual and then joint ‘Values, Vision & Mission’ exercises.
– Building on this exceptional work by hosting additional sessions with ABM staff, implementing their ideas into external/internal campaigns, as part of hiring/on-boarding processes, tender documents, etc.
– Significantly professionalising the ABM brand and bringing their communications in-line with the rest of the group.


Provided Support in a Number of Different Ways
– Supporting the leadership team throughout on a strategic-level.
– Providing ‘classic‘ agency assistance. (Managing tight deadlines, solving complex challenges, working across the entire organisation, collaborating with various external/internal partners over time, etc.)


Enjoyed Many Memorable Moments Over 7 years and 100+ Individual Projects
Everything from bringing company marketing presentations out-of-the-confines of the boardroom to attending each other’s annual Christmas parties to many-many last-minute deadline pushes and the unexpected creativity that can come from working with great people over an extended period of time.

Recognisable Brand Worldwide amongst the law-enforcement community.
Significantly Increased Sales Revenues
after every planned campaign.
More Efficient Sales Processes
across multiple product lines.
Improved Loyalty 
from both customers and users.
New Relationships 
with key people in the sector.
Increased ‘Average-Sale-Values’ 
with several Local/Central Government tender successes.
More Harmonious Relations 
post merger/acquisition. 
Improved Overall Communications 
between the leadership team and staff.
More Professionalised Appearance
of all brand communications.
Enhanced Reputation
Significantly Increased Shareholder Value
on exit.

“THE LOFT was an integral part of the Altia story, we worked together for many years and they were instrumental in creating our global brand. They contributed to countless projects, worked across the entire organisation and provided real support throughout our business journey as a growing company.

They were a tremendous help, particularly in the earlier years, when our company’s growth was at its most rapid and things were changing every day. They supported then, as they always have done, by contributing to the company’s strategies with great energy, insight and creativity. Always grounded in the commercial realities of what we were doing and always with the bigger picture in mind.

Good fun too, highly recommended.”

Ian Watson, Co-Founder of Altia Solutions

Services Used
Marketing Audit, Brand Strategy, Vision, Mission & Values , Marketing Strategy, Campaign Support, Sales Support, PR, Graphic Design, Website Design, Identity Design, Infographics, Motion & Copywriting.

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