Altia, Empowering Managers


Altia Solutions are an international software company which help investigators save time, increase productivity and improve the accuracy of their investigations. The organisation ran frequent sales campaigns and were always looking for an edge, particularly with a complex buying process involving multiple decision-makers. Alongside Altia, we decided to give project managers and departmental heads tangible documents with information (such as no of hours saved, additional documents processed etc,) to justify the purchase of additional licenses for departments, this proved to be one of the most effective actions carried out over many campaigns.

THE LOFT designed and carried out a wide range of campaigns over several years for Altia, they included campaigns showcasing benefits, seasonal campaigns, various promotions, campaigns educating users on new features and several others including some fun ones too.

“THE LOFT was an integral part of the Altia story, we worked together for many years and they were instrumental in creating our global brand. They contributed to countless projects, worked across the entire organisation and provided real support throughout our business journey as a growing company.

They were a tremendous help, particularly in the earlier years, when our company’s growth was at its most rapid and things were changing every day. They supported then, as they always have done, by contributing to the company’s strategies with great energy, insight and creativity. Always grounded in the commercial realities of what we were doing and always with the bigger picture in mind.

Good fun too, highly recommended.”

Ian Watson, Co-Founder of Altia Solutions