Altia-ABM, A More Harmonious Merger


Long-term client and software company Altia Solutions was merging with Nottingham-based covert system provider ABM Intelligence. They wanted to create a more seamless integration of both companies, their cultures and most importantly the people involved. They also wanted to create a framework which could be used by both brands going forward.

THE LOFT’s delivery of Individual/Group Vision, Mission & Value exercises for Altia Solutions and ABM Intelligence played a significant role in creating a more harmonious merger of both organisations. The exercises, with all members of both teams being interviewed, had a tremendous impact on morale while various ideas/lessons were taken forward and eventually formed company policy. The project was also tremendously helpful in strengthening the various brand positions of both organisations with various extracts from the exercises being used as part of a several successful tender submissions including to a foreign government.

“The loft helped us to create a new brand after our merger in 2016. They went to great lengths to talk to everybody in the company, they were always responsive to changes and both the identity and cultural aspects of the new brand have been a great help to us in re-positioning the organisation and getting our messages across. We very much enjoyed working with them, highly recommended.”

Paul Hardman, Group Client Manager for Altia-ABM


“THE LOFT was an integral part of the Altia story, we worked together for many years and they were instrumental in creating our global brand. They contributed to countless projects, worked across the entire organisation and provided real support throughout our business journey as a growing company.

They were a tremendous help, particularly in the earlier years, when our company’s growth was at its most rapid and things were changing every day. They supported then, as they always have done, by contributing to the company’s strategies with great energy, insight and creativity. Always grounded in the commercial realities of what we were doing and always with the bigger picture in mind.

Good fun too, highly recommended.”

Ian Watson, CEO of Altia-ABM