The loft is always interested in working with people who are looking to move things forward. With Alan Meldrum, we have definitely met the right man, at the time of this project, Alan was the Global Vice-President for Client Services of Percepta. Percepta are a company which helps others deliver world-class customer experiences, they work predominantly in the automotive sector and have offices all around the world.

A real leader in his field, Alan has spoken often about the importance of providing an ever-more ‘frictionless customer experience in an increasingly disruptive world’ and was looking to share his views with a wider audience. He had given an outstanding talk to the Glasgow Young Professional audience at the Citizen M Hotel, and such was the positive response from the audience we delivered a follow-up seminar. In the true spirit of innovation, this time the seminar would be online, as a special one-to-one interview and made available to the widest audience possible by publishing on YouTube.


To capture Alan in the most effective way, the loft got together with Boardman Media and opted to go for a live interview broadcast in a busy coffee-shop. We asked Alan to recite many of the wonderful messages, anecdotes and facts that he had shared in his previous presentation and we beautifully captured this to the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop.

We designed questions to give Alan the chance to share his most effective ideas, shot him from multiple angles and the final interview were shared as both a full-length publication and crucially as shortened clips to drive people to the full broadcast. The video shown above is Alan sharing his views on ’empowered employees’ as part of a frictionless customer experience.


A real success, the videos were widely viewed, liked and shared on social media by Percepta, Glasgow Young Professionals and the loft itself. Alan has since been able to continue and build on his dialogue of ‘frictionless customer experience’ something that we continue to enjoy supporting him with.