Alan Meldrum is the Global Vice-President for Client Services of Percepta. A real leader in his field, he speaks about companies providing a ‘frictionless customer experience in an increasingly disruptive world.’ He had given outstanding talks in the past and such were the positive responses from the audience, he was looking to share his views with a wider audience. We decided to do a one-to-one interview which was made available on YouTube.


We wanted to capture Alan at his most authentic and put the emphasis of the video interview on the ideas Alan was sharing. We had designed a set of questions that would allow Alan to re-share the examples he had given in previous seminars. Boardman Media carried out all of the video production and editing work. The interview was broadcast in a busy coffee-shop where we shot Alan from multiple angles. The final interview was broadcast as both a full-length publication and as shortened clips on YouTube to drive people to the full broadcast. The video shown above is Alan sharing his views on ’empowered employees.’


A real success, the videos were widely viewed, liked and shared on social media by all involved. Alan has since been able to continue and build on his dialogue of ‘frictionless customer experience.’ Something that we continue to enjoy supporting him with.