Dominate the shelves, becoming the king of the aisle and the queen of the floor. Your new packaging design should command all the attention, it should shine like a beacon in the shops, the warehouses or industrial units where they do battle. They should make people want to pick them up, turn them round and find out that little bit more about them and what’s inside.

Engineering appeal. At THE LOFT, we want to make that shower unit, that whisky bottle, that new chocolate bar which have all been lovingly created work for you, we want to make your products stand out. We do it in our own unique way too, we get intimate with the finer details, we want to know how they were conceived, all of the little features that make them different, the magic that makes them special.

Hand-drawn sketches, paper mock-ups, running into shops to do quick-fire comparisons – we do it all to make sure your product wins attention and gains credibility with each and every interaction. Tight product deadlines, fast launches, specialised product photography – nothing phases us here at THE LOFT. If there is a product you’re working on and you would like to see it dominate with its packaging design, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.



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