High quality brochure design lets companies make a much more impactful connection with their customers in an increasily dominated digital world.

Who wants message to truly get across, words to carry more weight and ideas to be much more memorable. Who wants to add a little tactility in an increasingly screen-dominated world? Yes, the landscape is much more varied, yes digital is now king and yes a printed brochure is a bit more expensive than an online PDF. But the rise of online, the greater noise we’re hit with on a daily basis has only strengthened the impact a good quality brochure design will have on a new and un-expecting audience.

At the loft we love designing brochures. For starters, we treat them just like websites. User-experience first, call-to-actions in place, pathways designed to make sure the right people see the right content at the right times. Then the fun really begins – whether it is producing photos, writing copy, crafting the content, designing the graphics or selecting the paper and print techniques. We love it all.

Finally, we are enterprising people, we understand brochures represent large investments of time and money. So whether it is infographics being re-formatted for social media, photography being re-sized for the web or mini-campaigns being created to reflect the hard work you’ve done with your brochure. We help you get the absolute maximum out of your print project.

If you are looking to create a new and exciting brochure design. Contact us to find out more.



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