Attitudes & Actions


At the loft, we’re big believers in values, they help to keep us right, guide us with what we’re doing and where we are going too. As important as it is in writing them, we believe ‘living them’ is so much more important. These are our ‘Values and Behaviours’ or as we like to call them, our ‘Attitudes & Actions.’


Put Others Before Ourselves


At the loft, we’re believers in being selfless and look to express this wherever we can. When working with clients, we always go further to makes sure creative ideas reflect what our clients are looking for, what they are really looking for, we put ourselves forward for tight deadlines, give maximum value for creative budgets, treat a client’s money like it’s our own and we’re honest enough to give back if we’ve come in under-time.

We’re also committed to making a difference in the community we live in. We give an hour each week to mentor young people for MCR Pathways, we provide Talent Taster work experiences & creative support for the charity too. We also provide creative assistance for Young Enterprise Scotland and have done so over many years. Finally, we are delighted to assist Sisco – an organisation that helps prisoners, who are ready, to successfully integrate back into society.


Step into the unknown


At the loft, we believe in being as courageous as we possibly can be. We have an environment which gives space for bold, creative ideas to flourish, we encourage the ridiculous and the downright daft at times – all in the search of a better, more effective idea. As teams we pitch concepts to each other multiple times a day and we are fearless in stepping into challenging client situations – eye-wateringly tight deadlines, seemingly impossible creative briefs and a million challenging restrictions are all situations to be mastered not feared. Whatever the circumstance, we always take responsibility and are fearless in the face of potential failure.


A Commitment to Completion


At the loft, we don’t finish until the work is done and everybody is happy, doubly-happy. This means additional phases to make sure colours properly match, typos are suitably vanquished and even punctuation is in synch with the text. We commit the extra time to a make sure that all design work is properly finished and looks like it was effortlessly done too. Sometimes, uncomfortable, we know that a job well done today is worth two in the future. There is no better feeling than walking away knowing we couldn’t have done any better. We really do leave it all on the field.


Thinking Big

(Creative Ambition)

At the loft, we’re big thinkers. It is this ambition that fuels all that we do. We have lofty goals for ourselves and our clients. We take the time to brainstorm better ideas, brilliant ideas and we go as far as we possibly can to make sure that everything is completed to an exceptional standard. We also road-test more ideas, push the development of more concepts and will give a ridiculous idea a go every once in a while. Every day, we push the limits of Creativity, Quality and Service.


New Experiences Each & Every Day


Growth is another important one for us at the loft, the idea of growth is at the heart of every creative project, every relationship and every action we do as a company. Our team’s growth, our studio’s growth and our clients growth. Whether it is creating loftcast, our video and audio podcast celebrating high-impact people and their ideas, the attending and taking part of creative seminars, or just trying new things with our own processes and creative work. We look to make every day as interesting and challenging as possible.



Our mission is to make every single moment count. At the loft, we endeavour to make every single minute as interesting, fun, purposeful and fulfilling as possible. We are seldom idle – when not pushing the limits for our clients, we’re helping our friends, supporting charities, developing new ideas for the business, bringing people together and so much more. Like Roberto Benigni, we believe that ‘life is beautiful’ and that every moment should be lived and enjoyed to the absolute maximum.



Our vision is simply to create a world richer in creativity, vibrancy and beautiful ideas.


If you’d like to find out more about our ‘Attitudes and Actions, contact us to find out more.


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