An Entrepreneurial Approach

An entrepreneurial approach is at the heart of everything we do at the loft – outcome driven, resourceful, creative, fast-moving, collaborative, growth focussed, courageous, always thinking about the long-term, always moving idea into action immediately, etc. We believe this allows us to push the limits of what is possible and give the very best client/staff/supplier experience possible.

What this means in practice…

We see clients, staff and suppliers as long-term partners in our combined success.

We treat a client’s money like it’s our own – we are always looking to absolutely maximise creative budgets as well as the time the client will spend on a project. We’ll also do all we can to spare unnecessary expense.

Our first instincts with client projects are to look for what’s working, improve and build rather than undergo change for change’s sake.

We deliberately prioritise actions which give the maximum impact as quickly as possible. (Momentum, momentum, momentum is everything at the loft.)

We always consider and honestly communicate long-term consequences of any risky actions to the people we serve before going ahead.

We are always pro-active with fresh ideas ready for just about every meeting.

The time (and budget) taken to prepare formal presentations is spared. We have messy, spontaneous, stand-up presentations where we turn studio walls into life-sized scrapbook pages. Legendary, free-flowing events where we talk through ideas, concepts and how to move projects forward. (More formal presentations are available on request :-))

We maximise set-piece events like photography sessions, video interviews, copywriting briefs, etc to ensure clients receive as much value as possible from specialist work they commission.

We rapidly pitch fast ideas in our studio multiple times a day to ensure that it is of a suitable quality to be presented to a client.

We still sketch concepts with a pencil and make decisions based on the quality of an idea saving time going down creative cul-de-sacs with computer software.

We actually enjoy re-purposing and being imaginative with creative materials – graphics, videos, copy, etc.

We de-risk every bold idea with a more logical one.

We actually do love the challenge, clarity and focus a tight deadline will bring.

We are always just a phone-call/e-mail away.

You can contact our Founder Benedetto any time – late at night, weekends, on holiday, whenever he’s not sleeping – he’ll happily take your call.

There are probably plenty more but in the old motto of ‘The Entrepreneurial Exchange’ – an organisation our founder Benedetto was a proud member off – we like to work hard, play hard and give something back.

Drop us a line, if you’d like more information on our entrepreneurial approach.


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