Atlas Hotels is an award-winning hotel company which owns and operates over 40 different branded hotels with properties in Scotland, England and Wales. Formerly known as Somerston Hotels, they have a reputation for excellence in their sector and are focused on delivering a fantastic experience for guests at each of their locations.

They wanted to create a corporate but contemporary brand identity alongside their staff, who they proudly seen as a key asset in creating memorable guest experiences.


Our ideas stemmed from getting to know the team at Atlas. Each of the different staff members had character, personality, and we saw bringing that to the final mark as crucial.

We found that Atlas Hotels believe in empowering and building teams to deliver personable, characterful and quality service. It was this togetherness, passion for the team and driving the business forward-as-one, which evoked in us the image of a colourful shoal of fish. All unique in their own way, all swimming together and always in the same direction.


Atlas was delighted with the new brand identity which was presented at a special launch to much acclaim and we’re more than a little pleased with the final outcome ourselves. We are happy to continue working with Atlas Hotels on other creative projects.