Alexander Dennis is one of the biggest bus manufacturing companies in the world, one that had been on our radar since Benedetto heard CEO Colin Robertson speak at an entrepreneurial event. Inspired by Colin Robertson’s desire, drive and determination, the loft set out to work with the company.

Eventually, they came to us with challenge — how best to showcase the benefits of the double-decker bus.


We created a stylish, contemporary walk through video extolling the virtues of double deckers while putting minds at ease over concerns with issues such as boarding and alighting times.

The animated video used blueprints as visuals, it highlighted ease of access on and off a double decker with a low floor construction as well as clear foot wells which are hugely important.

The two-minute video animation was perfect to show at different conferences and to potential investors, allowing people to see all the benefits in a professional, clean and simple way and, of course, it helped to overcome any language barriers.


It took six weeks from start to finish, creating detailed story boards to hand sketch out each individual element and then design the walkthrough before creating the animation using computer graphics.

‘The videos really helped Alexander Dennis communicate the advantages of double-decker buses to our clientele and we were very happy with the service provided.’

Jacqueline Anderson, Group Marketing Director of Alexander Dennis