Alexander Dennis are a rapidly growing, bus manufacturer which operates internationally. The loft had been looking to work with the company for a long period of time – ever since our founder Benedetto heard their CEO, Colin Robertson, speak at an entrepreneurial event. He was so impressed with Colin’s straight-talking approach that he made it a goal for the loft to one day help them. A few years later, we got that chance when being asked how best to help the company showcase the benefits of double-decker buses to their customers in international markets?


The answer to this question was to create a two minute infographic video which could be shown at trade shows and presentations.

The animated video uses a blueprint style, highlights ease of access on/off the bus and puts customers minds at ease with concerns such as boarding/alighting times.

It took six weeks from start to finish, we explored detailed story boards, hand sketches and many sample animations before progressing to the final video. This was prepared in different formats to give Alexander Dennis as many uses for the video as possible.


‘The videos really helped Alexander Dennis communicate the advantages of double-decker buses to our clientele and we were very happy with the service provided.’

Jacqueline Anderson, Group Marketing Director of Alexander Dennis