The information hub, the ice-breaker, the place where it still all happens whether it’s new customers checking you out for the first time, existing ones wanting to find out more or future staff members checking out the company vibe – your website is almost certainly still the biggest marketing tool you have.

Social Media, Digital Marketing, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram – they’re all great, they’re all important but we bet most of your enquiries still come from the website.

Websites are not difficult – they should look great, show what you’re about and provide useful information. New websites should work on all devices, be easily found by Google and be easily updated by you.

At the loft, we build beautiful websites, we listen to what it should do, take all the different messages, craft lovely content and then work with you to create something you can’t wait to show others.

If you’d like to chat to us about a new website or even to breathe some life into an old one, contact us to find out more.



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