Video production lets companies present ideas with real impact, a much clearer message & with more creativity in the storytelling. A truly 3D solution.

Who wants people to see more of what they do, a more powerful interaction, a more meaningful communication, who wants the added dimension of sound and motion? Yes, video production is truly a game-changer now. Films abruptly coming on in your Facebook feed, popping up on your Instagram stories, adding another dimension to podcasts, making infographics impactful, giving more life to product demos, etc..

At the loft we love creating videos. We start with the message, what are we trying to say? What’s the essence of the conversation? Lots of ideas exist, but how can we summarise them into something people will want to watch and then share with others? We look for unique ways to communicate, storyboarding endlessly, going back and forth, each time pivoting back to the message we want to get across.

We plan meticulously and deliberately as we all know well that good filming is the result of good planning and we make sure every little detail is taken care off. Then the editing, producing and sharing. We make sure that your film is as impactful as it possibly can be and that it will reach as many people as possible.

Video production is just great fun full stop, if you’re interested to hear more, contact us for more information.



Business Straight Talk With Colin Robertson


Beeks FX VPS Video Infographic Explainer (Video work produced by Alasdair Currie of XYZ Creative)


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Further Information

For those of you that would like a little further information on our video production services – check out ‘our YouTube channel’ to see what we can do while this post on ‘video marketing’ will give some tremendous insights.