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We were delighted to be given the opportunity to design and build a highly transformative website for international organisation Percepta. Percepta develops and delivers improved customer/employee experiences for companies worldwide – the majority of their work is within the automotive industry where they help marques such as Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, etc using a variety of strategic, operational, consultancy, digital and technology services.

The company is renown for creating exceptional customer-experiences, supporting poorly performing brands, delivering outstanding dealership support while their core team excel at ‘mixing and matching’ different service offerings to create additional value for their clients. They were looking to create new opportunities at selling these composite services to existing clients while also being able to attract new clients from alternative sectors such as telecoms, retail and even local/national government.

We were asked to create a site which would assist with the above, appeal to multiple levels of decision makers while also creating a fresh and vibrant appearance for the company’s digital presence – particularly important – as they had a growing digital offering for their international automotive clients.

The entire website project had an incredibly positive impact on the organisation and their commercial activities as a whole.


Percepta Website Design

Greater use of bold and informative photographs were made to help tell the exceptional Percepta story. The hero image above has large groups of people but shown from an abstract birds-eye view which gently suggests the more analytical approach in-line with Percepta’s way of working. This type of hero image helped to achieve a significant step forward in terms of brand appeal.


Percepta Website DesignPhotographs were complimented with branded graphics and infographics. The Percepta approach graphic was created with a person at its heart – the perfect representation of the organisation’s stakeholder experience design which has people at the centre of the experience.


Percepta Website Design

Special icon graphics were created for composite services. One of the biggest advantages that Percepta offered its customers was its ability to provide a ‘joined-up’ range of services all contributing to a more integrated customer experience.



Percepta Website Design

Achieving a site which functioned outstandingly well on all devices was seen as incredibly important to Percepta.



Percepta Website DesignEasy-access case-studies were created with professionally written copy – giving potential clients, users, operators, stakeholders, etc a sneak preview into what additional value Percepta could offer.



Percepta Website DesignThese case-studies were given for each and every service and a wide range of composite services too. The inclusion of a Digital PDF function to allow potential clients to download/print them from the site was another hugely beneficial feature.



Percepta Website Design

A range of carefully selected stock images were used which would showcase different people at the heart of Percepta’s various offerings. The images were carefully selected to be both interesting and universally accepted in multiple international markets.


Some of the kind words we received from Lindsay Morrison after the completion of the website project.

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The animation of the customer-infographic was a crucial development to further increase the overall quality of the user-experience.


Some of the beautiful composite icon graphics created as part of the project.



Extensive ideas were explored for the communication of Percepta’s various service offerings – from sketch through to realisation. We even experimented with the creation of ‘Sacred Geometry’ inspired value icons.


UI/UX was at the heart of the design process to ensure that the correct website users would be taken to the appropriate information/Call-To-Action as quickly, easily and effectively as possible.

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The loft collaborated with Percepta and, in particular, their Global Vice President of Client Services Alan Meldrum on a number of other projects including his presentation of ‘Frictionless Experience in a Disruptive World.’



Which was later filmed by the loft with highlights which can be seen above…



Both companies collaborated on a range of other projects including creative work for ‘The Henry Ford Academy.’



And the creation of a stunning brand-experience for ‘Vignale’ the luxury Sub-brand of Ford Motor Company.



We loved creating a genuinely transformative website design for Percepta and continue to enjoy an exceptional client relationship and partnership.

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