Percepta, A User-Centred Approach

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Percepta is an international organisation with offices in several countries around the world. They help their (pre-dominantly) automotive clients build greater customer loyalty through tactical customer support, improved dealer performance,  support of poorly performing brands, etc. They were looking to design and build a new website which could help them better communicate their extensive range of services, the value-add of composite services and communicate their customer-centric method.  They also were looking to attract new clients from other sectors, the site also had to appeal to multiple levels of decision maker and create a fresh and vibrant appearance for the brand.


Percepta Website, Case-Study Library

The creation of a strong and well-populated case-study library was instrumental in helping to showcase the value-add of the Percepta service to others. One of the most user-friendly features of the case-study library were the ‘Download PDF’ features on each page giving visitors to the site the opportunity to download/share/print PDFs of each of the case-studies. Incredibly useful.


One of the process graphics which showcases the Percepta customer-service process.


Due to Percepta’s international presence, we were asked that the site would provide a very basic level of multi-language functionality so a website translation feature was purchased and installed.



The site was designed to be bold, impactful and to function extremely well on all devices.


Every effort was taken to ensure the words were representative of Percepta’s unique method.


Beautiful icons showcasing the variety of services and composite services offered by Percepta.


A series of illustrations, drawings, and UI/UX sketches showcasing a small fraction of the research and development work required for this truly user-centred website design.


The loft collaborated closely with Percepta over a number of years on a range of other projects including the creation of bespoke brand experiences for Ford Motor Company, design work with The Henry Ford Academy and also creative work to support the ideas of their Global Vice President of Client Services & Marketing – Alan Meldrum.





“For me, the success of our new website stems from the loft’s ability to capture the essence of what Percepta does and tell our story to the wider marketplace. Our core strength lies in creating seamless experiences for our clients’ customers, and in working with the brilliant Michelle, we were able to demonstrate this through a series of captivating and eloquently written case studies. Overall, a great experience, and a fantastic new website!!”

Lindsay Morrison, Global Marketing Manager of Percepta