Strengthening their presence in the marketplace. With Altia now in a period of rapid-growth – increasing sales & staff numbers, a very well-served and satisfied client-base – the management team’s focus shifted to further consolidation of the UK market while creating more of an international presence. As a result, they took the bold decision to form a new event and brand, an event exclusively for the law-enforcement community to get together and discuss the big issues of the day. The event would eventually be called SOCEX and would go on to become an incredible success – still running today. The loft played a significant part in the overall process, helping to create the new brand and all subsequent communications over the next 5 years.


A brand marketing case-study for software companies, SOCEX Conference

An outstanding idea, Altia were able to show a real and lasting commitment to the law-enforcement sector with (what would eventually become a) thought-leadership brand SOCEX. The loft were responsible for all aspects of brand creation over the first 5 years.


Eye-catching, bold and with a great story at it’s heart, the brand identity for the original SOCEX identity. For the full story on how the original SOCEX brand was created >>>



A brand marketing case-study for software companies, SOCEX marketing materials

Professional, powerful and consistent brand communications. The thought-leadership brand created with Altia for SOCEX was inspired by ideas of connectivity.

SOCEX Brochure Design 2016 >>>
SOCEX Brochure Design 2017 >>>



A brand marketing case-study for software companies, marketing materialsExtra engagement, we also created a wide range of communications to support Altia at various SOCEX conferences. Most notably, the bespoke Altia Times newspapers. A great hit with senior police officers, etc.



SOCEX Graphics 2019

Bold and meaningful imagery, each conference would have a vivid visual which would showcase the main themes of the conference. (2019 Conference Visual above.)




“When Altia decided to develop and be the lead sponsor of the ’SOCEX 2015’ conference and the 10th Annual ‘Keith Hughes Awards,’ The loft worked closely with us and the event management company to produce the unique branding for each of the events. They delivered excellent work within tight tight deadlines and the results were commented on very favourably by many of the attendees. The branding is being used for the 2016 events and I have no hesitation in recommending the loft to deliver innovative and interesting designs.”

Ian Watson, Managing Director of Altia Solutions & Co-Founder of SOCEX


“SOCEX, Serious and Organised Crime Exchange. As a concept, the Conference title can spring up many images — whether coming from the dark world of blockbuster thrillers or gritty police dramas on TV. The loft managed to capture the seriousness of the subject matter being discussed across the two day conference while providing a document which will have a life long after the conference itself, capturing the core elements of the event in such a way that attendees and their colleagues will return to it as a vivid reminder of what took place.”

Martin Jack, Managing Director of Think Different Events and Co-Founder of SOCEX