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Welcome to the entrepreneurs loft – business branding exclusively for high-impact entrepreneurs.

Growth, impact, new adventures, new people, new challenges, seeing your brand (your baby,) in more places, presented with greater effect and winning hearts and minds. Increasing numbers, improved value, greater loyalty, more people wanting to join you. The desire for something significantly bigger and better.

Working with high-impact entrepreneurs is something we understand well at the loft – picking the right action, at the right time, building something new or improving what you already have, maximising budgets, building brands, bringing your team along for the journey. Taking everything you do and multiplying its effectiveness and quickly. We get your spontaneity, your desire for speed, quality and personality.

We understand that accountability and resourcefulness are as important as creativity, the need for commercial common-sense and making sure you’re looked after in the best way possible. We’re equally at home speaking to digital natives or those who prefer more traditional methods. With over a decade’s experience business branding, we’re completely at home in any sector too.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for clarity, efficiency and impact for your brand please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.



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“Having worked for many years helping develop brands both domestically and internationally, I have found that combining highly creative design with a fast and immediate client response is a significant challenge. The loft is exceptional in their patience and process to extract what the client wants, articulate the options effectively and then deliver the elements to meet tight time-scales and budgets. They continually go the extra mile and add considerable energy, insight and value throughout.”

Iain MacRitchie, Founder, Mentor & Chairman of MCR Pathways

“Over the past 10 or so years – myself, Benedetto and the loft team have worked together on several important projects for Altia Solutions. From a completly new identity for both the company and the software products to working closely with me in developing the SOCEX brand. I´ve always found them to be receptive to our ideas and always delivers new and exciting design concepts from a revitalised on-line presence through to conference collateral materials, printed brochures and product infographics. This work has helped to create a group brand image that is now part of the company’s culture and has definitely helped in our world-wide growth. They are good fun to work with but always very serious about their creative work. “

Ian Watson, Co-Founder of Altia-ABM



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