Meet the friendly, creative and talented people behind the loft…


founder & designer
Mr Action!! The company founder, Benedetto is an energetic soul – designer, sales-guy, make-shift copywriter and hyperactive coffee maker. He is a ball of energy and is at his happiest when creating new ideas, solving challenging problems and pushing things to the absolute limit.



Mr VideoStar!! Commitment unsurpassed. Alan is our video partner who takes things to a whole new level – brave, dedicated and always with about 100 different ideas in how to make something better. Inspired by eighties movies and tongue-in-cheek comedy. An epic talent.




Mr-I-Got-This!! The man for the big occasion. Parit is one of our wonderful freelance designers who just delivers every single time – tight deadlines, difficult briefs, unexpected challenges. While others are losing their heads, Parit’s like a Rolls Royce wafting through the chaos. A real gent too.




Miss Conceptual!! The crazy one, the one with the big ideas, the things that you think, really shouldn’t work but does again and again and again. Our faithful freelance designer never fails to impress us with her sketch ideas, illustration abilities and amazingly positive personality. A true star.




Mr Can-Do!! Creative, resourceful – a man who turns his hand to just about anything and gets the job done. And done with flair & in double-quick time too. Whether it’s cutting-edge motion graphics, abstract identities or video storytelling, Ritchie’s the man. A nicer person, you’ll never meet too.


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