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The loft is one of Scotland’s most exciting, dynamic and rapidly growing creative studios. Based in the heart of Glasgow, we help companies, organisations and individuals bring their ideas to life in the most imaginative way possible – tackling projects such as identity design, websites, brochures, art-directed photography, campaigns etc.

We work in a dynamic, high-octane and purpose-led environment where there are no limits to how many ideas we’ll explore, how tightly we’ll stretch a deadline or how much we’ll do for our large and diverse client base. A client base which includes Consumer Brands, Software Companies, Technology Companies, City Marketing Bureaus, Whisky Distilleries, Third-Sector Organisations, Professional Service Businesses, etc.

The combination of exceptional service, outstanding solutions and maximum effectiveness for clients are all part of our unique culture.

With all this chaos going on, we are looking for a studio co-ordinator. Somebody who can organise activities, manage the studio and enable our creative team and partners to do their best work. They will essentially provide a solid foundation from which creative work can flourish.

The ideal candidate will…

– Be supremely organised yet understand the need for creative chaos to deliver the best results for our clients and maintain the spirit of our studio.

– Be exceptional with people. All kinds of people. Our studio is a very broad church – we welcome diversity in the clients we work with, the partners we collaborate with and the people we hire. To get the best out of them all – you must be able to comfortably communicate in their languages simultaneously – whether that is discussing the particular commercial needs of a client, asking a designer to meet a deadline or understanding the technical intricacies of a digital project. You will be able to do it all and do it with a smile.

– Be a master at understanding client requirements. You will be able to get to the heart of what our clients (existing and new) are looking for, be able to ask the right questions and have the ability to delve deeper to find better solutions.

– Communicate effectively with creatives and know design. At heart, we are very much a design company. A little knowledge about print processes, digital tools, the difference between RGB and CMYK, etc will be incredibly useful.

– Present ideas with flair, both in-person and in writing. From drafting proposals that excites clients about going on a creative journey with us to inspiring design teams with the same information presented in their language.

– Ensure our studio runs like clockwork – whether it is contracts for an employee, cartridges for the printer or milk in the fridge. You will be responsible for ensuring our studio is a harmonious place to be.

– Live our values on a daily basis. You will be one of the most visible people in our company and as such, we will expect you to become a standard-bearer in demonstrating our values of courage, selfless-ness, excellence, creative ambition and self-improvement in both how you think and how you act on a daily basis.

– Be responsible with the ability to lead. This is a very important position in the growth of our company. You will take an active role in client services, sales, marketing and operations. We will expect you to take initiative in actively improving the company in the way we perform in each of these areas.

Activities will include…

– Co-ordinate the daily/weekly/monthly workflow to ensure that milestones are met, clients are happy and staff have everything they need to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

– Handle enquiries from new and existing clients to truly understand their needs and how we can best serve them with their creative requirements.

– Accurately spec new projects in terms of studio time and resources to ensure maximum efficiency whilst ensuring our clients continue to receive exceptional value for the projects they entrust us with.

– Produce project proposals that demonstrates exceptional understanding of client requirements whilst being able to present them with flair to a range of different people which may include Marketing Directors, Managing Directors or Board Members.

– Take the essence of those commercial proposals and write complimentary design briefs that will give our design team and creative partners a full understanding of what is required for projects both creatively and in terms of production.

– Support the relationship between clients and our creative team to ensure that our service continues to be seamless, reliable and enjoyable for all parties.

– Co-ordinate the lofts weekly and monthly marketing and social messaging.

– Take a leadership role in improving everything we already do to maximise efficiency, productivity and organisation in terms of project management, selection of systems and creation of processes.

Our company has just moved into a brand new studio in the heart of Glasgow, we are working on multiple creative projects and we have ambitions to grow, you will play a huge part in this journey.

Please E-Mail expectations of remuneration alongside your CV and a brief paragraph about why you believe you are suitable for this role to We are looking to fill this position as quickly as possible.

We cannot wait to meet you.