Maximising sales. With a series of exceptional new brands created (for both the company and the various products,) some key communications put in place, etc. The loft spent much of the next few years working closely with various sales and marketing teams to increase sales revenues with a series of diverse software marketing campaigns.



A brand marketing case-study for software companies, Altia Post card campaigns

We worked with the Altia sales team to create a series of new software marketing campaigns. The post cards (above) were sent to potential customers to inform them of the tangible benefits of using their software products.



A brand marketing case-study for software companies, creative print campaigns

Pro-active sales, marketing and customer-service. We ensured Altia were regularly communicating with their customers at every opportunity. Whether this was with digital or print, as a sales communication or something showcasing high-quality customer service.



A brand marketing case-study for software companies, customer loyalty e-newsletters
Increasing sales through exceptional service, e-mail campaigns introducing existing users to one new software feature a week were tremendously effective. This was in response to a survey which showed that many operators were only using 15-20% of their software packages. A tremendous increase in overall customer satisfaction and an unsurprising bounce in license renewals followed, read the full case-study >>>



A brand marketing case-study for software companies, creative campaign ideas A brand marketing case-study for software companies, campaign materialsSoftware marketing campaigns generally focused on showcasing product benefits to users and buyers alike. (In this case, we exploded the Altia sub-brands for real visual impact.) Every time, we ensured visuals were of the highest quality to enhance the brand’s reputation.



A brand marketing case-study for software companies, website update

A website update, there was no part of the Altia brand that wasn’t updated in one way or another with the new product and company brands. More software marketing campaigns were also the order of the day to dramatically increase sales.



A brand marketing case-study for software companies, product brochure images

Altia sales staff were continuing to win new customers each and every day, the product brochure above played a big part in helping customers gain an understanding on what the software did and how it could help them. This was achieved pre-dominantly by sharing explainer graphics.



A brand marketing case-study for software companies, Altia Learning graphic design brochures

Altia Learning, showcasing boldness and brand consistency for these training materials.




A brand marketing case-study for software companies, ideas-sheet

Saving time and meeting tight deadlines, to showcase ideas in a fast and easy way – the loft team would regularly sketch out various concepts giving Altia staff a visual to use during meetings.



“We’ve been collaborating with the loft for more than a year and in that time I’ve been mightily impressed, first and foremost with their enthusiasm and desire to understand our business. An easy option would have been to deal with the initial job in isolation, complete it quickly, and move on to another but Benedetto and his team instantly saw the bigger picture and opted not for the quick and easy choice but the more challenging. Their willingness to challenge themselves and push the boundaries shines through in the physical work the loft have produced for us.

From a total company and product re-branding exercise to more subtle marketing campaigns the material produced by the loft always surprises and delights me and consistently supports my teams activities to drive sales. Working from the ground up and engaging everyone at Altia, the entire team at the loft have built a strong understanding of our business which they apply to new projects, subsequently presenting the end product remarkably quickly and accurately. Long may our collaboration with The Loft continue.”

Paul Miller, Sales Manager of Altia Solutions