Creating a strong and powerful brand presence. Back in 2013, Altia were starting to make real progress on their business – the development of their software solutions, how to effectively sell and service their clients, the customer proposition, etc. They had arrived at a decision that their software would help (predominantly financial) investigators increase the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of their investigations. They wanted to significantly improve the presentation of their overall brand,  to add more impact, visual flair and a greater sense of professionalism to a company that was already starting to grow rapidly. We were initially asked to create a series of sub-brand identities for their product range and then a new logo for the company.


Product Sub-Brands

Software Brand Marketing, Sub-brandsAltia product software branding – cutting-edge creative, real visual appeal and a tremendous explainer for what the software does. These sub-brand logos were also invaluable in helping with rapid marketing campaigns over the long-term For more info on how they were created >>>


Endlessly versatile, the strength and visual appeal of the sub-brands allowed items like data-sheets, trade-show stands and product ads to be produced (both by loft and Altia teams) in double-quick time.



They regularly featured in all types of marketing communications such as with this sales document above.


Lasting appeal, one of the incredible things about the product software brands were their durability. They have been updated 3 different times in 9 years. (Version-2 above, more on this later in the overall case-study.)




Software Company Branding

 A brand marketing case-study for software companies, images of logo designs.

Altia software company branding. Some great behind-the-scene shots of the Altia brand being created on one of the loft’s Mac computers.




A brand marketing case-study for software companies, Altia logo comparisons

A brand winning hearts and minds both inside and outside the organisation, after proposing several alternatives, the Altia team were delighted to maintain the ‘Wee Man,’ logo which was promptly brought up-to-date with this new version created by the loft (right-hand-side). For more info on how this brand was created >>>



A brand marketing case-study for software companies, Humanising Data, Altia tag-linePowerful words, the loft carried out strategic branding work as part of the overall branding process, and although the tagline above wasn’t used, it had real value for the company internally and also for ourselves as we developed the overall brand.




“In developing the product branding, the loft talked with all the staff and came up with individual product brand designs that reflect the differing properties of the software yet are linked in their overall theme. We are very pleased with the result and proudly include them on all information sent out for the company.”

Ian Watson, Managing Director of Altia Solutions