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Altia Solutions are an internationally renown software company. They help investigators increase the productivity, efficiency and accuracy of their work. Over 7 years, 100 creative projects and 3 brand cycles, the loft worked closely with the organisation, helping to transform it into the no-1 company in its sector (arguably in the world,) to develop an strong international presence, offices throughout the world, over 70 staff and a management team that were able to successfully exit 18 months later.

Due to the number of length of time and number of projects involved, this case-study has been broken into 4 parts.


A brand marketing case-study for software companies, overall impact.

The results of our work with Altia.



“Over the past 10 or so years we have worked with the loft on many important projects for Altia. From a completely new identity for both the company and the software products to working closely with me in developing the SOCEX brand and our merger with ABM Intelligence. Our work has included a revitalised on-line presence through to conference collateral materials, printed brochures and product infographics. This work has helped to create a group brand image that is now part of the company’s culture and has definitely helped in our world-wide growth.”

Ian Watson, Co-Founder/Managing Director of Altia Solutions, Founding Partner of SOCEX & CEO of Altia-ABM