Petex, Engineering Simplicity


Software Advertising | Graphic Design

Petroleum Experts are an Edinburgh-based organisation helping companies in the oil and gas sector better understand the commercial potential of their oil-field assets. They have a number of offices in different countries and an international client-base including some of the largest production companies in the world. They were looking for ways to help different stakeholders better understand how their Digital Oil Field Software (DOF Suite) could help them. We were asked to create an advert with the simple brief to come up with ‘a visual representation that an engineer in Timbuktu could understand.’


Petex-Software-Advert-Desert-and-Off-Shore-VersionsThe design we created for PETEX was based on the idea of a telescope with multiple lenses. We have our users observing their oil field asset through the prisms of 5 different lenses representing the five layers of the software. Obviously helping to give a ‘clearer view’ of the commercial potential of that oil-field. Two different print advertisements, one for the desert and another for off-shore oil-field exploration, were shared in engineering magazines worldwide.



The telescope idea was used in a wide range of communications including on the company website, print documents, etc. The concept was used on a special commemorative glass item celebrating the 25th anniversary of Petex. We even explored the idea of creating a 3D-Prototype for trade-shows. Several years on, the concept is still widely used by Petex.


Petex-Software-Advert-Main-ConceptsWe explored several concepts in great depth with pencil sketches. The 6 drawings above showcase the final concepts that we presented to the team at Petroleum Experts. Each one finding a unique way to showcase the value of their software solutions to others.


Some earlier research and development work.


Some of the other ideas explored for Petroleum Experts, included a jigsaw puzzle to communicate the company’s overall Oil & Gas philosophy as well as a composite brochure.





“The team at the loft created an image that visually captured the remit we set — our business, our industry sector and a technology message — in a visually attractive way. Their team spent quality time with us to understand the spirit of what we wanted to be captured and then, through several iterations, came up with the final images which we are very satisfied with. These images are used in publications, product brochures and on our website”

James Woodrow, Petroleum Experts Limited