Winning the hearts and minds of different people is one of the bigger challenges of modern-day brand communications. Scottish leather Group had made a firm commitment to building a more sustainable organisation over a decade ago – they placed sustainability at the heart of investment decisions, industrial practices and staff relations over a number of years. They were looking for a better way to tell this story to a wide and varied audience including key clients, suppliers, staff and particularly shareholders. We were delighted to be given the opportunity to work with them to help achieve this goal.

Over a 3-Year period, the loft created a range of high-impact infographics, art-directed photography and carefully constructed communications that would span three annual reports, a range of social campaigns, several slide-deck presentations and many additional marketing activities – some planned, some as a consequence of exceptional creative work. We worked with the organisation on a ‘5-Year Plan’ to make the ‘Sustainability Report’ itself more sustainable and also created a range of other works with each of the other companies in the Group including Muirhead Leather and Bridge Of Weir Leather too. This is ‘Scottish Leather Group’s, Celebrating Sustainability.’




The first project of this collaboration was the design of the Scottish Leather Group Sustainability Report in 2016. The loft was asked to bring SLG’s impressive sustainability achievements to life in a way that would effectively engage different people. Simplifying complexity was important,  high-quality infographics were used alongside high-impact photography showcasing information like a reduction of C02 from 10kg/m2 to 2kg/m2 over a 12-year period, a significant increase in water recovery and even a mini-timeline of one of SLG’s longest-standing members of staff ‘John.’ This was amongst many other facts, statistics and stories about the company’s tremendous commitment to sustainability.




Some additional visuals of the spreads of the impressive SLG Sustainability Annual Report 2016. Check out the impactful infographics including that of SLG’s Thermal Energy Plant. The first report’s cover is also shown and was designed to mimic a piece of SLG leather.



A series of beautiful photographs capturing the various Scottish Leather Group plants including The Bridge Of Weir and Muirhead Leather factories. Despite this being a sustainability report – the brochure would be ‘client-facing’ which meant every effort was made to present the factory in the best way possible.




The brochure design was so successful that the main infographics were re-formatted into videos and re-produced as a series of mini social media campaigns. These helped to create a great story about sustainability in combination with the beautiful video created for The Scottish Leather Group Thermal Energy Plant >>>




The loft worked with Scottish Leather Group to conceive a plan to make the Annual Sustainability Report itself more sustainable over a 5-year period. This included the move to a completely paperless document in year-5. Work continued with Scottish Leather Group on a more minimal brochure design for 2017 and 2018 – in-line with this ‘5-year strategy.’



The loft also worked on a wide range of other projects for other Scottish Leather Group brands including this stunning ‘Entomology’ Trend Presentation for ‘Bridge Of Weir Leather.’ The loft designed and produced the high-quality sample box and swatch which showcases the excellent work carried out in identifying future leather trends.




The loft also created a series of high-impact print adverts for Muirhead Leather showcasing many of the different features of the leather and its impressive performance in the aviation sector.




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