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The visual created for Petroleum Experts has played a significant role in the on-going success of the company’s Digital Oil Field (DOF Suite.) The telescope-based visual beautifully explains how the software provides a clearer understanding of the commercial potential of an oil-field asset.

It has fulfilled its brief, and then some, by being easy to understand by all stakeholders, particularly those involved in a multi-faceted buying process. These include those a wide range of individuals from the Oil & Gas Production companies who use the software as well as Petex’s own internal teams. The visual is particular useful in explaining the basic proposition to new starts.

Improved Understanding of Product/Service & Stronger Perceived Value of Product/Service.

“The team at the loft created an image that visually captured the remit we set – our business, our industry sector and a technology message – in a visually attractive way. Their team spent quality time with us to understand the spirit of what we wanted to be captured and then, through several iterations, came up with the final images which we are very satisfied with. These images are used in publications, product brochures and on our website.”

James Woodrow, Petroleum Experts Limited

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