Murphy Insurance were a leading Insurance Broker based in the West/Central belt of Scotland.

After working with Murphy Wealth, the loft was asked to design and build a new website that communicated the company’s commitment to ‘proper’ brokering and a ‘thorough’ service to its clients.


‘Authenticity’ and ‘quality’ were key themes for the new website.

The loft worked very closely with Tom and John from Murphy Insurance as well as photographer Malcolm Cochrane to create a range of images that were in-fitting with the company message. A specialist ‘process’ section was created to highlight the 6-step framework that Murphy Insurance uses with each client.

The site was designed on a responsive template which would allow it to be used on smartphone or tablet devices.


The new site is a huge step forward for Murphy Insurance who were better able to communicate the real strengths of their brand.

“The great thing about dealing with the guys at the loft was the time taken at the outset to get under our skin and find out what makes us tick. Then they come up with a way of communicating that ethos; all backed up with excellent design. A real bespoke service.”

Tom Yorke, Managing Director, Murphy Insurance