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PMA Recruitment Services was set up in mid 2021 as a new Glasgow-based recruitment company with a special emphasis on putting the mental health and well-being of its customers/staff at the heart of its offering. The company also had a niche offering for serving people in the construction industry. The founders of the company came to the loft looking for a new brand that would communicate their values, offering and do so in a bold and impactful way.

One of the most significant part of this impactful introduction to the marketplace was the creation of a new website for PMA Recruitment Services. A dynamic WordPress website was designed and built which showcased high-quality art-directed photography as well as the bold colours and typefaces of the new brand.


The new website had several notable features – bespoke application form, jobs board, ‘hot jobs’ and several elements to improve the SEO of the site. The website can be viewed at>>>


Exceptionally bold business cards were created alongside printing company Glasgow Press to give the founders the ultimate symbol of an ‘Impactful Introduction.’


A wide range of other items were created which showcased the boldness of the new brand which included mugs, pens and beautifully finished mini-brochures.

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The brand itself contained three separate elements – the main logo which consisted of the words (PMA RECRUITMENT SERVICES), the additional logo and tagline which was created to summarise their service to clients.


The company provides a specialist service for those looking for work in construction so a series of art-directed photographs were taken of PMA Recruitment’s clients on the job at a construction site outside Glasgow. 


A number of other items were created for the brand including Powerpoint presentations, social media post templates, etc..

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A breakdown of the incredible technical attributes of the business cards created for the company’s founders.

The design of the business cards required much exploration (some of the visual mock-ups as presented to PMA Recruitment Services.)


Colours explorations of the brand development.


Some of the research/ideas for the initial brand exploration.


Delighted to receive such kind words from Craig. PMA Recruitment Services remain a good client with the loft and we look forward to continuing our work together.


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