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Marketing Strategy starts with you and your team’s ambitious goals prioritised, strong revenue streams identified, competitive advantages established, the right products/services selected and customer messages crafted (for maximum engagement.) Your rapid-growth strategy also including your competitors analysed, channels carefully prioritised, the company’s capacity to deliver evaluated and all potential threats understood before moving forward.

What’s more, the tough calls – what to do first, what to give attention too, more crucially what to leave out, how to resource with intelligence and how to make sure those resources are used creatively, yet wisely. All done quickly, efficiently and presented in the clearest and easiest way possible, whether that’s a report, a sheet of A4 or a compact Powerpoint. Everything in place to help you and your team see what can be done, the most effective way to do it and how best to get started.

At the loft, we help high-growth founders, leaders & entrepreneurs put together impactful, intelligent and creative marketing strategies. We look deeply into what’s working in the business, how it can be multiplied and how to maximise existing channels. We consider budgets, the brand, the people who make it happen, where some investment may be required and where it just isn’t necessary yet. We get the wheels in motion for agencies to get creative and can manage that process too.

Whether you’re looking for quick wins delivering almost instant revenue, exploration of the commercial potential of a new sector or just a comprehensive costed schedules of activities, we can assist. All the while, giving you a little bit more of your precious time back in the process. If you’re looking to scale and would like some help with your marketing strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.











Contact Benedetto for more information on our Marketing Strategy services.

Benedetto is the founder of the loft and has over a decade’s experience helping other founders, leaders and entrepreneurs scale their companies with the right selection of brand and marketing activities.

He is particularly enthusiastic about scale-up/rapid growth organisations and has helped companies in many different sectors over the years including those in technology, industrial products, energy, food & drink, enterprise, third-sector, etc.

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