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Hi, we are the loft and we’re looking for a superstar designer to come and help us create a world – better by design.

The loft is a design & branding studio, we bring brands to life in the most imaginative way possible. We are looking for somebody to come join our team. The person will have child-like imagination, enthusiasm and a real commitment to excellence.

We are also looking for somebody that is a team-player, has a desire to work in a challenging-yet-exciting environment.

In short, a real Superstar!

Your love of design and creativity should be a no-brainer as well as being a very nice person.

In addition to those characteristics, you will have outstanding basic skills and a good knowledge of The Adobe Creative Suite. Photography, Copywriting and WordPress skills are all bonuses.

The loft is a fast-tempo environment with regular deadlines, no project is ever the same and we face new and interesting challenges every single day.

‘Design with soul, is not just our tag-line, it is a way of life.’

If you’re the kind of person that thinks they can thrive in this kind of environment and make an impact, please send a small portfolio and CV to position@theloft.co

This is a 4-stage application…

Stage 1: Submission of CV’s and small Portfolios (closing date, 6th of October 2015)
Stage 2: Response to short questionnaire (8th of October 2015)
Stage 3: Traditional Interview
Stage 4: Working Interview

The final stages will take place (by arrangement on the 9-12th of October 2015 )

If you are ‘superstar’ enough to make it all the way to stage 4, we shall invite you into our little house of creativity to get to know you better, see how you work and share some ideas about the way we work. We know these things take time but we hope to have you settled in front of your new Mac by mid-October.

Salary is dependant on experience.

We look forward to hearing from you…

The Loft Team

Please contact Benedetto if you have any further questions