Internal Comms
The biggest ambassador for your brand is your staff.

You may be able to craft the best message in the world, deliver it with such finesse – online and offline – and gain a whole raft of new customers. However, new customers will only stay with you if the big idea that they have bought into is delivered to them time and time again by your staff.

The most powerful ambassadors of any brand is the staff.

Your staff should be fully understanding of what you do, but more importantly, how you do it. Your values and the big idea should be at the forefront of their minds when they work for your brand.
At The Loft, we understand that the relationship between staff and the brand is a precious one. We also understand that staff members are all different and need to be engaged in different ways – some staff members are best engaged with interesting stories, others prefer ‘straight to the point’ information. Some want detail and substance, others prefer broad brush-strokes. Some want to read on paper, others prefer digital. We work with you to analyse the best ways to engage, the most suitable channels to use and how to shape those channels.

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