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Infographic Collection

Bringing complex information to life is one of the things we just love doing at the loft.

Over the years, we’ve been delighted to take large amounts of data, statistics, figures, complex arguments, etc and turn them into beautiful and effective infographics.

We make sure they are impactful, simple and tell a great story.

More recently, we’ve started to develop infographics into digital campaigns, videos, pitch presentations and even boardroom wall-art.

This is our collection of infographic works.



‘The Power of CashBack’ for Inspiring Scotland



‘A Decade of Success’ for Glasgow City Marketing Bureau



‘Welcome To The Ecosystem’ for The Princes Trust Growth Fund



 Bold infographics formed a significant part of Scottish Leather Group’s 2016 Sustainability Report



‘Encourage | Nurture | Develop | Support’ for Women’s Enterprise Scotland



‘Cosmic Ray Muography’ for Lynkeos


Infographics were used to great effect for Beeks FX VPS in this little explainer video



‘Glasgow On The Rise’ for The Glasgow Chamber Of Commerce



Infographics can form the perfect backdrop for meeting/office spaces

And can be effectively transformed into mini campaigns to be shared on social media



‘Glasgow On The Rise’ for The Glasgow Chamber Of Commerce was featured in Glasgow Business Magazine

A Selection of some of the very kind things people have said about us and our infographic work.


Drop us a line if you’d like to find out more about our infographic collection or how this kind of project could benefit your organisation.

Thanks for reading, the loft team.